30 January 2008

27 Dresses and Preparedness Dinner

Saturday night our ward had a Preparedness Dinner and it was wicked fun. We had hor 'deurves of however you spell it, and then we went to three classes. One on basic first aid kits and where we were told the doom and gloom scenario, the next one was on communication and then finally the one on like, preventing death by dumbness, basically.

Then, we had dinner in the dark like a fake power outage and it was pretty hilarious. No one knew what they were eating, etc. It was very well put together and well run. And, we had a great turn out!

Tuesday (last night) I went with a friend to see 27 Dresses and I would say that besides the cursing and casual sex that was seemingly appropriate, it had some very funny moments. The acting in the beginning and middle was way better than the end. It was fun because Carolina and I were the only two in the theater and we could laugh and mock the dresses as she tried each one on. Beware when you are the only one in the theater, it's really loud, no bodies to absorb the sound!

Ok, gotta run.

24 January 2008

Jon is dumb.

I think it suffices to say in one sentence that Jon is dumb. but that wouldn't tell the WHOLE story, just the end of the story. In short, Jon is a freak. He never came out to visit me and when I made plans to go visit him, he freaked out and I didn't go. Then he complained the entire time that I didn't go. He continued to talked to me every single day and the whole time was dating other girls. Granted, he did tell me I wasn't his girlfriend, but he did treat me like one. Eventually he told me about one on the night he told me he was engaged. Then obviously I didn't talk to him again and one day he came online and told me that he was married. I was like, ok. Have a nice life, etc.

Then about 6 mos later he sent me a message. He had obviously kept all of my messages because it was an edited message that i had sent him like a year earlier about being friends and how good of friends we make, etc. So then I thought he must have "something" to say and asked him point blank if he was pregnant. He said no and then was just as casual as can be asking "sharon, it's so great to hear from you. how are you?" What the **** (insert explicitive of your choice here), dude, you contacted me. Don't play dumb. Then he just happened to mention that he was going to be in town, do I live near another little town, etc. I called him out "Jon, what do you want?" He screamed back nothing, Sharon. I didn't contact him again. but then like a few weeks, maybe a month later he sent me a message. Oh, I asked him at the first message if his wife knew he has talking to me. He never answered. I asked and asked and asked and he never answered. Can u say cruel?

This is how I'm totally guilty: Somehow we began chatting. Just like sports, being funny, etc. Nothing personal. I can be pretty funny when it comes to him because he gets my humor. Anyway. I would definitely say that it got out of control. He used the words "babe, honey" and sent me an email from his work and when I said to him that he, in our entire acquaintance had never sent me an email from his work email, he answered with "I want you to be more involved in my life." I said, whatever, didn't think he was serious at all!!!!!!!

Then yesterday (this is now about a week or so old), oh my goodness, he comes online and is like, I told my wife about you. I'm like, oh really -- OBVIOUSLY he hadn't told her earlier. What is there to tell? He's like, she asked me to work it out with you because we don't want to be married to people who are in love with other people! What the H***? Seriously! Give me a break.

FYI Jon, you're married. There is NO working it out with me. You need to go home and apologize for the rest of your life to your wife. He kept telling me I didn't know the whole story and I kept saying, if there is something you want to tell, you should b/c I'm not going to guess the questions to ask that you want to give me the answers to!

Even if you told me today that you are divorcing your wife, I wouldn't take you. I don't want to

a: be the backup bride
b: the 3rd wife...2nd and 3rd marriages fail at an even faster pace than 1st marraiges
c: we didn't/couldn't make it - we communicate soooo differently! We drive each other crazy, as evidenced by the way he handled the above situation.

I sort of get the feeling that he was hiding all sorts of stuff from me like, he was already seperated or divorced. But I came out and told him it wouldn't matter what he said and that's that. I hate him for pulling all this crap! I do feel like he used me and manipulated me into hurting his wife. Like I was played and ended up hurting her. I am really angry about it.

Ok, enough of that. Ah, it feels good to get it out.


21 January 2008

How Great Thou Art


I just wanted to pop in and tell you that not only do I love my Heavenly Father, but I also love the United States of America.

When a 4 year old picks out a t-shirt with a flag on it and says "Sharon would like this because she loves America", life is good.

I drove to the Coast and our camping meetings and almost the entire way, Shannon P. talked about her love of country and how she's teaching her son, despite his friends, bashing this great land. She had me crying. You know, I love the people that I get to know in my job and I love that they are good people. I enjoy associating with good people 95% of the time. I was going to say 99% but you've got to be realistic, lol.

I enjoyed working with Shannon on Saturday and we got sooo much done. I am anxious to find out if John L. agrees to be our DC. Together, we will be wow, truly the SOARING Eagle Valley district.

Today I get the day off and have been tackling one small project after another, trying to get it all done. There is so much to be done that I get overwhelmed easily (note to self - if you simply did it when it needs to be done, it wouldn't stack up!). Perfectionism at it's worst - if you can't do it all, give up. Hasn't been working so well for me, so it's time to make a change.

Taught RS yesterday and I had no idea that the Stake RS Pres. was in there. She wasn't introduced as a guest...maybe she snuck in later? Not a lot of material to go with but she was very complimentary. I didn't feel ready to teach because of several reasons, exhaustion, stress and just poor choices. You know how merciful the Lord is when He grants you a portion of the Spirit despite you!

Have a great day,

18 January 2008

So I'm a slacker...

I don't know where to begin when you're so behind. So, I guess I'll simply start at last Sunday, that would be...No, that wouldn't even be good enough b/c I have to tell you about my friend Shannon. She is soooo awesome.

We have made it a tradition to hang out after Roundtable, so at least once a month we get to catch up. I love her so much. We went to dinner at Shari's and we were both so tired we were like slouching in the booth and the waitress was like, um, should I bring you some pillows? We laughed and laughed but stayed up wayyy too late. Like midnight just giggling our brains out. So, that was Thursday.

Saturday I hung out with Jade and Staci and her friend Michelle. We had game night and again, stayed up way too late but laughed my brains out. It was so hilarious. there is a game about the pickle or something and then we played apples to apples and just laughed. Ok, truth be told, I was probably laughing the most, but that's because anything can be funny to me. It's a good self-defense mechanism. :)

Sunday, January 13th - went to church and sat with Dan. He's trying to come back to church, or discover it for the first time perhaps. Man, if you have ever thought your life sucked or was hard, just listen to his synopsis. Mom had been married 4 times, Dan ended up in a physical brawl with his 3rd step dad before a foster home. His older brothers stole him out of the foster home and shipped him up to Alaska where he met his dad for the first time that he could remember. He was 13 years old.

Because his real dad had broken law, he had moved into a shanty in the Alaskan outback to avoid capture where Dan spent the next 5 years getting high and drunk on stuff his dad gave him. No indoor plumbing or electricity. Finally his dad was arrested for attempted murder and spent the next 10 years in prison. Dan moved from Alaska to Seattle where he simply continued to use and abuse although he had a successful contracting business. His dad got out of prison and stopped for several mos to see Dan before heading up to Alaska where he committed suicide. Dan lost it and let his business fail, started traveling from Seattle to Mexico and got stuck several places before he ended up back with his mom, whom he hadn't seen in about 10 years in OR. That's just the beginning but that is enough to realize that everything that I have, is amazing. I have struggled through whatever stuff, but this, this is his reality.

Dan is a truly sweet guy. He's articulate, funny and a hard worker. He's so funny b/c he still smokes and drinks and is learning to face the consequences. He has a recent DUI and was telling me, hey, you and I know the truth but the court isn't going to know. And then he got to court and the guy who called him in is like director of transportation for the county and he was like, dang, I'm screwed! It was funny. He had this lie all ready to tell too. Ah...Dan.

He hung out with me on Sunday. We drove to Newberg to look for an apartment and I thought I'd rent out my house and move into something less expensive to save money and pay off my debt more quickly but after thinking about it and doing the math - and risk factor - I decided against it.

Tuesday, January 15th. I went to Salem for my usual meeting. I hit the gym early that day but it was super duper icy and of course i got stuck behind a State patrol officer. I already have a court date for my speeding ticket so I shouldn't press fate and get another one before i clear that one up! Anyway, as far as the meeting in Salem, it was fine. I needed to pick up my training supplies and Amy said she didn't even have the request and I knew that it was her fault, not Doug's. For sure he's on top of things like that. And he's not a liar. Later I was faxing some stuff, looked down and there was his requeset sitting right there next to the fax machine. Dated: Last Thursday. She still claimed that she didn't have the supplies I needed and so I would have to go to Portland. Fine, the finance department messed up my FOS stuff anyway. Although, truth be told, it would cost the council significantly less if they freakin' learned how to use the USPS! Seriously. But whatever. I drive the 65 miles and almost 1.5 hrs in traffic to learn from the training secretary that she had stuff delivered to Salem last Friday. Amy was striking out. She was now on my SH*T list! FOR SURE.

Thursady, had Roundtable in Tillamook. We had 16 people there, 4 packs represented and it was fun to give away the Pinewood derby cars and the above and beyond check for selling tons of Popcorn. That check was for $809! Yep, this above their normal commission. Who whooo.

Also, a little bit of a negative from yesterday. I've been im'ing with an old friend and things got kind of weird. I'm a little bummed but hope that we can work through it.

Today - ah, met up with Jody and we went visited John Larsen. We asked him to be our district chairman. The meeting went well and we think he wants to say yes, given his options. This man has served on many, many boards and has connections all over the place. He is one we NEED to know, even if it's not as a chairman, it's going to be as an FOS chairman. We'll get him somehow.

Also recruited Ken Bunn as a commissioner for the west county units - all 3 of those rascally units. I also have an appt with the Executive officer of the Rotary club of Sheridan and hopefully that appt will prove fruitful in getting new leadership recruited.

Ah, that's my life in a nutshell. I am sooo tired and am on my way to a 4 hr training in Newberg. They are up to 25 though and we're so excited about that. Then tomorrow I'm meeting Shannon in the Lowe's parking lot to head out to the Day Camp Retreat at Meriwether for the day. I should get home sometime between 7 and 9 PM. YIKES! Then I will want to sleep and prepare my lesson, that I'm not sure i have to teach b/c I asked Rhonda to do it for me. This was back when my brother was flying in tonight but that has been postponed till Tuesday. He's able to fly dang cheap due to his employment with an airline co. But still, Tues-Thurs? I have a job dude!

Anyway...I did have some pretty funny moments this week despite it all. Humor is so important to me.

Hang tough,


12 January 2008

"Purple Power"

Purple Power propels positive people! Is our cheer. Also retired a flag, gained a testimony and met new friends.

I went as an univited guest last night to a Stake run Little Philmont. Philmont is the premier Scout training station located in New Mexico and it's amazing. One of the Stake Presidency attends annually the LDS relations seminar. Anyway...the entire stake presidency also attended Woodbadge this year and things have really stepped up a notch since this has happened. So they thought they would do a small training locally for leaders. Overall, a wonderful event. The best I've seen from the stake since being here.

The evening started out by having us in patrols...randomly chosen. Then we needed to come up with a patrol name and a cheer. Then they gave us a few minutes to just visit amongst each other.

We moved into the RS room and had a PowerPoint presentation discussion led by Pres. Brady. He hit all the high points. I believe the most interesting point was about uniforming. It got a little bit heated. One young SM said he hated wearing a uniform when he was a kid and still hates his now and since he's only 27 or something like that, feels badly asking his boys to do something he hated. This point is very important for something that happened later.

So, we learned about why we have Scouting and we also thanked the spouses. It was an important evening so that they could say thank you to the women behind the men. The women who hold the families schedule and activities down on weekends and weeks when the husband is camping or at summer camp. For the sacrifice of giving a week of their vacation to the boys they serve at camp. Pres. brady got really chocked up about that. He also talked about progression from program to program and how we are not giving our youth that progression that they need and want! He touched on how advancement and earning the rank of Eagle is not the end-all, but a method of developing great young men. I rarely made a comment but on that note, I talked about how the 5 presidents within the Venturing program are the same as the positions in a mission presidents office. They raised the bar and expect prepared missionaries, in all aspects of the program.

Then we had a patrol activity of racebuilding and lauchning paper airplanes. It was totally fun and we bonded as a patrol. Every patrol was sure that that their's was the best, of course.

Then we wrapped up with a few reflection moments. Then it was announced that we would be having a closing ceremony with a flag retirement included. What an opportunity! Then we heard who was going to be leading it and I was shocked that it was the leader who not only wasn't wearing his uniform, but didn't wear it that night! Other than that "big" item, it was a beautiful and wonderful ceremony. We all left feeling uplifted and inspired about how to help the boys in the Stake.

God Bless America and may the Lord bless Scouting in our small stake of Zion! We have about 250 boys in our hands.

07 January 2008

Planning Conference and Poker?

Howdy ~

I am sitting here thinking about all the things I have to do this week and I am loving it.

We had our annual planning conference this week on Tues and Wed. Usually they drain me but this time I loved every second of it. We had many guest speakers - 3 gentlemen from our Protestant Committee who helped us understand how to talk to pastors and work with churches to strengthen our partnerships. We also had the head of Customer service from Horizon airlines PDX come. She has fabulous. We had a really fun team building exercise which included creating a candy bar and acting oout a commercial for it. It was pretty humorous.

For fellowship that night, I killed two tables with my girlishly skills at poker. I had never played people before and when I got a good hand I would just start giggling like crazy and they, hand after hand, believed that I didn't know how to bluff! Hahaha...it didn't get so fun when everyone was tired of losing and wouldn't play against me anymore. I think they got their wittle feelings hort. Oh, poor babies, lol.hhehehehhehe.

Anway...drove to the gym, had a grt workout and headed to my moms for dinner. Ended up sleeping there and then driving home super early the next AM. Sent a txt msg I feel awful about b/c it was a little bit inappropriate. I guess that's what happen when you're tired. Anyway.

Moving on. Have a great weekend all.

06 January 2008

Dancing Queen

Whoo hoo...Friday night a few peeps from my ward got together and we went to a dance down in Salem. The most fun part for me was hanging out with this awesome kid who has been inactive (or never active in his life) and he's coming back, or trying to. His name is Dan and he is just such a nice person. Very easy to talk to and very fun to be around. He smokes and drinks and tells everyone, lol. But he's super cool.

Plus, I met a few guys, got a chance to have a kareoke party down there at one guys house. He's a helicopter instructor but hates his job. I have empathy for him, lol. I love what I do but sometimes I hate some aspects of the job. Who doesn't struggle with that?

Pretty much had a laid back day yesterday. I loved it! I have a lot to do this week, I mean a ton! But...it's the way it rolls. Next week is proving way crazy too. I got word my brother is coming home in two weeks and I have a training Friday night and a full day of training on Saturday out at Camp Meriwether and I will barely have any time to see him! :( I'm so sad about that.


03 January 2008


I think its freaky ironic that I'm going to complain about technology whilst typing my blog. However, I can only take so much ridiculousness. My office's network is tempermental and I haven't been able to get my redirector to work with my crackberry for like a month now. What is the point of paying for it if it's not working. I haven't been able to access my network folders while logged on to the vpn so I've been using a secure network instead and its still very tempermental. I don't have time for this!

Had a good committee meeting tonight with two new charter reps in attendance. If I could only get them all there at the same time. We'd be able to make assignments and really divi up the jobs. I did get them to agree to do the basics - a calendar, a trained chairman who is going to do the job and support. Let the boys plan the program and you won't need to worry about attendance and they'll bring their friends. Also, they agreed to work with the district and help plan our first ever golf tournament. They are checking with friends and co workers and other church members, etc. I hope by next week we have a way better plan and can get it really going.

Alright, gotta run. oh, and go Blazers - beat the Bull's in Cheecago in Double OT! Way to go. And congrats Nate McMillan. I went to his basketball camp when i waa 15 and he let me win 1 on 1 and a free throw contest. Ok, maybe I won the free throw contest of my own accord b/c there are no advantages in that one. Hehehe...


Sharon doing YOGA?

Oh, I wish I had a picture of this event. I could see myself in the mirror in some shorts that were a tad bit too tight (at least they were long!). I happened into the yoga class at the gym last night and I did pretty well considering - considering a lot of things. This whole event made me contemplate this AM as I was waking up, so many embarassing moments in my life. There are so many and they all make me laugh my butt off - if only it was that easy! HAHHAHAHAH.

Ah, the power of laughter. I really want to go dancing tomorrow night except i didn't get my expense report turned in on time and so I'm generally BROKE right now and it's annoying.

I have a meeting tonight, the year finally closes tomorrow and then a whole new set of issues begins. Gotta love life!

Good luck Romney!

01 January 2008

Elijah - day after Thanksgiving w/ Poki

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Ringing in the New Year~!

Just a recap of '07!

Since it's 2008 now, I thought I'd better take down my Christmas tree and decorations and sort of get moving into 2008. I have been especially happy during this Holiday season - I cannot exactly put my finger on the "why" but I'm not complaining. I'm grateful to Heavely Father for letting me be happy, not just happy, but very happy. Content. And I'm a little worried that I'll be sad that the season is ending.

It all started on the night I put my tree up. For some reason, I was like a kid in a candy store. I had to wait for my new stand and when it got here, I spent about 2 hrs singing to myself (or along with the Christmas only radio station, which I felt did a pretty good job of playing the right mix of religious songs too). I love the way my tree looks and I am always excited about it because of that.

During December 2007, I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting by my fire, watching my white light Christmas tree spin around, glittering reflections from the ornaments. I attended the Messiah twice and got to spend one of those evenings with my parents. I believe that Christ has really been the center of this Season for me. I have felt the Holy Ghost often and am grateful for that.

I hosted the missionaries and a couple from my ward for dinner and I made an awesome 3o Min meal (brag, brag!), had some friends over and have gone out dancing 3 times. This is probably the most "social" I've been since oh, 2004? LOL...No wonder I feel good.

2007 has been a weird year. Some things just aren't/weren't the way they seem.

Work was not peachy keen this year and was actually pretty rough the first 10 mos of the year, lol. Although I made Chief Scout Executive Winner's Circle in June and successfully ran two day camps - enjoying both immensely in June and July, recruited new volunteers and ended the year with blanaced growth, it has been overshadowed by strained relationships. I pissed off some volunteers and there were lessons to be learned, and yes, it was painful. But I'm grateful for my supervisor who has helped me learn and grow, be brave and learn to speak plainly, stay on topic and just listen.

Our den at day camp with their helmets on! And now you can see their eyes!

August I headed for the East Coast taking in 5 new states. I visited for the first time Washington DC and loved every second of it and could probably do it every year for the rest of my life. Spent an afternoon chasing Amish folks around town in PA (even when we were warned that they don't appreciate it!) I visited Gettysburg and had an intense desire to learn more and more about it.

The latter half of my trip I got to visit NC (Raleigh area) and stay with my friend Julie and her husband Mike and their boys. It was fun to be with a family. It reminded me of Candie and Jason and their boys. And also made me realize how the gospel helps families, using the proclamation to the world on Families.

Probably my favorite part of the trip was riding the train from Raleigh to Charlotte, taking a taxi to the airport and then waiting there for 13 hrs for my flight! Because of the awesome setting at the Charlotte Aiport, like a country porch setting, free wifi, and banjo players entertaining us, I had an awesome time. I am such an explorer! And NC is so beautiful. It's on my "might move to places".

Just when I got home it was Karen and Nathan's wedding. Here's a pic to commemorate the event...

Then it was Fall. I got home the 3rd week of August and it was "hit the ground running". However, things went well because we had 80% of our packs in attendance at our Fall Recrtuitment training and this was an increase of oh, 200% over the two years previous. People left jazzed up and they went and did their thing. I made my membership goal by mid-December and ran ahead the entire Fall. This made my life so much more enjoyable. Jody Hall, the most awesome friend and volunteer has also made me smile again. She is a treasure and I love you gal!

Still, in this job, the job is never done and now I need a chairman!!!!! And a finance chairman and a camp director for Tillamook (Candance can't do it this year but promised for the next 3 afterwards) and, and, and...

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this - I broke down and got a new car. I love it! It's an '03 Mitsubishi Outlander and had only 44K miles when I got it. I've blown that out of the water but I just refied it this weekend and found out it's worth several more K than I paid for it! Whoo hooo.

My nephews and niece are growing up and cracking us up. Aukai and Ikaia run around getting into all sorts of trouble together. As they grow up, they will be two to watch, I tell ya. They are both boys boys and their father's children (not necessarily a plus! haha)

I hope my mom and dad decide to serve a mission this year. It would be the best thing they ever do.

Well, moving into 2008! Here we go, it's another year. And I've bored you enough.