13 February 2010

KItchen what?

I'm taking a poll - who has been through a remodel before? While I can honestly answer yes to that - it was so long ago (like 30 years, lol) that I don't think it should count.

My parents remodeled the kitchen and I remember it taking a long time but my mom probably remembers it wayyyyy differently.

Ikea required me to "draw it myself"? What the freak - don't they know me? That I like to get everything for nothing and that I don't have any skills? No, they didn't get that memo but they were patient with me. I have to say that after a day of "edubacation" on how to remodel, I'm sure it'll happen now. I'm just not sure of when. Probably one of my biggest annoyances is that I've accepted the loan and it's been funded so I'm paying interested on stuff I don't have installed yet and that bugs the living bejeebers out of me!~

I am so annoyed at the process of just "getting a new kitchen". But hey, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it - oh, wait, they are all doing it! I went into the cabinet factory outlet and every single piece I needed/wanted was already sold and backed up in the warehouse because they were selling so quickly. That fact that they are having a sale didn't really help either.

(I just realized I'm going in reverse chronological order so we'll just keep on going!)

This AM I started out home depot where the nice lady Kim took almost 2 hrs with me but I didn't feel at all confident about what she was telling me. I did however, pick out a dishwasher, a microwave, a sink and flooring. None of which she helped me with. This was really all about personal preference.

Anyway. I'm beat and now it's off to learn something about the Abrahamic Covenent for my lesson tomorrow. Oh, and somehow I've got to fit in some cardio. Did I mention its 21:30?