16 November 2010

Blessed Be the All-American Girl

I lived the All-American girl dream today.

I woke up in the land of the free. I had food available to me. It tasted onolicious! I selected which clothes to wear today and had my choice of pairs of shoes. I left in my safe, red, taller, smaller SUV and drove to my job. The ones that pays me way more than $1 a day or an hour. I met with a friend, went to the Dr and got tested for a disease that there is treatment for (I don't have the disease, but there is treatment none-the-less). I visited a high school, a college, my colleague, my girl, my dog.

I got in my functioning car and drove home where the lights burned brightly. I greeted my dog and decided we should take a walk. The weather was so fantastic that I didn't need to put on a jacket even. I slipped on a different pair of shoes and heaqded out. Dog on the leash. I have an adorable dog, little, white, cute lap dog.

We headed out down the side walk, my ankle swollen, knee with throbs and I just looked ahead of me and felt something special - here I was, just me, my dog, in my small American town. I passed the little library that is one room with computers, a bus stop and the ability to have books delivered, the local bank with a branch in our small town...i passed the little coffee shop that is so adorable and cute and serves great fruit shakes in the summer and warm milk in the winter. I passed the local Fire House, with it's statue of a dalmation and fire fighter and flag waving so brightly. I passed the only gas station in town to the town offices. I saw some pictures in the window and wondering what was on display, I walked to see them. They were showing the difference the new sidewalks were making in the improvement of our little down town area. I was so grateful for those who who meet, raise money, write grants, hire folks, inveset in down town businesses. I felt like writing to each and everyone of them or writing into the Amity Grapevine, yes, the little local gossipy newsletter placed in everyone's water bill, to say thank you.

The downtown looks great with wineries now lining the road, fresh paint on every building, new side walks, a new little grocery store with so much class. I'm just grateful to be able to have the life I live. It's such a HUGE blessing to wake up in America, every single day. Living the dream.