27 February 2008

Good day...

I had a great day today. I met up with several members of Venturing Crew in Newberg and they had put together a recruitment opportunity at NHS. I was pretty dang impressed with one of the kids ability to get things done. He not only did all the leg work in contacting the school, 5 principles (it converted to a small school system this year) and an activities coordinator. Plus, he recruited other crew members to join him, they made their own fliers, got climbing equipment to display, made a display board and then he rode his bike 45 miles to meet me!! I mean, the kid is just a go getter.

Whew...after watching him work that hard, I drove to meet my boss and had an appointment with a cold call on a pastor. He was stone cold when we arrived and by the time we left, I felt pretty good about the meeting. We sold him a little bit backwards but we eventually got around to having rapport.

Next week I get two days with my boss - blah blah, but it's ok. Tomorrow is the real test and I will not do so well.

Ah, but the crown jewel is that I got another gal to agree to be on our Golf Tourney Committee! I'm so excited.

Well, I've talked to China and Atlanta and now I've got to go.



25 February 2008

New Walk & Jog Workout

I love my new workout. It's perfect for me - only 30 minutes but more challenging than her earlier ones which is great, bc it means that I'm progressing!

Gotta stay on my meal plan but I feel like I can do it. I have an OP buddy, Waltroud! LOL...love ya girl.


23 February 2008

Knight Rider Fans Rebirth

But before we get to all of that, I should tell you what a crazy week I've had. Swamped, totally and completely swamped.

I had Tillamook on Thursday and that went sort of well, about 12 at RT and then I had meetings all day on Friday and drove to PDX in the afternoon so I could clear some charters and then drove to my parentals to return the kareoke equipment, lol...my mom had missed it so much, how cute.

Then I got up at the crack of dawn to drive back out to Tillamook to hold a NLE training and then CS Ldr. Spec. We had 9 how for NLE. This is HUGE! I'm so happy I could just scream -with joy of course.

Then drove back and took care of some more charter stuff, got some contact info for my new golf tourney chairman and finally crashed around 5 Pm. Woke up around 7 and now don't feel well. That's the life.

It's been a good, busy week. Have a little bit of stres tomorrow bc meeting with a trooop and a pastor and the SM stepped down and so there is a little bit of stress about it.

All Knight Rider Fans...I looked forward to watching tonight.

The first two scenes were a: not necessary to the plot or story line b: disgusting c: socially and politically motivated (IMNSHO) - in my not so humble opinion.

First, they showed a woman strip and then leave a lesbian one night stand. She is an FBI agent. Cut to the new driver, in bed with a woman, in comes the roommate screaming about a debt collector and his other girl - yep, right there in prime time. Why oh why? I believe we need to say something to the network/producers. Not everyone in our age category is addicted to porn or homosexual or sleeps around all the time with threesomes - despite what the media would have us believe.

After the initial scenes, no reference to the opening scenes or any of those topics were made. Why bother at all?

The tv flick was fun and entertaining after all that gross stuff.

The car is dang cool...for sure. Very much like the olden days, lol. I feel old. ;)


21 February 2008


Under the heading - "Defenesive Driving", this was posted.
"Over 2.6 million people drove over 3 million registered vehicles in Oregon during 2005. They were involved in nearly 48,000 crashes, with 488 of these being fatal. That means you have approximately a 1-in-55 chance of being involved in an automobile accident each year, and a 1-in-5,330 chance of being killed."

Things that make you go hummmm?

20 February 2008

A picture of the hearts...ah...

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Whose the King?

Elijah with me and his Omi Nihipali. I just love this kid. He's such a good kid.
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Traffic Court...oh yeah!

I got notice today that my efforts in attending traffic court Friday afternoon may pay off! The letter said that the judge would waive the $145 ticket if I took an online course. Even if it's $50 bucks, (oh, ends up it is $25.50!, whoo hooo) it will be WELL worth it. I had to take a 1/2 a day off to drive to Dallas, sit there all afternoon and it was a gorgeous day. I was the first one up too so I was really stressed. I'm so innocent that I'd never been to traffic or any other sort of court before. Actually, I just fibbed. When I got divorced, I had to go stand in front of the judge but again, I was the first one called up! Geesh, what is up with that. I had no idea what to expect in either instance. Oh well...I'm just very grateful that I might not have to pay the full price of this ticket.

Also, I have had a very fun week - but our boss got pretty pissed at us yesterday and I think that if I hadn't been there, he would've really gone off his rocker. But he sent me to a communications class and it wouldn't look good if he didn't practice what he preached. lol...

Quote of the day? No one rises to low expectations. I believe this to be the truth.



18 February 2008

Happy Heart Attack...

Wow, it's been far too long since I've posted. I just don't find the time to do this, my job, my diet site, my singles site, my blah, blah sites, lol.

I have been very busy - in a very good way. I swear, every once in awhile, i feel normal again. :)

My cubbies and leaders gave me a heart attack on Thursday. They left me little hearts in my flower pot by my door with little thank you notes and home made cookies. It was soooo sweet. I was thrilled by their efforts and just love them to death.

That same day, after Roundtable, my friend Shannon was waiting there for me like she always is(she is so kind and patient! I can often get held up!). Anyway, I sat down and she bust into Happy Birthday to me, and gave me a wrapped gift! Two things - my birthday isn't until March and I don't think she even knows when it is. lol...It was so dang sweet. I opened it up and it was a package of like 24 different makeup kits. VERY COOL! I'd seen it once when we'd gone shopping together and she bought it for me later (on clearance, she bragged!). Its more the thought that counts. It really meant a lot to me. I really appreciate her friendship.

And another friend of mine Jody, her bday is just a few days from mine and she is turning 40 and she rented a house at the coast in Lincoln City and invited me with 8 of her other friends and family. It's not just a weekend at the beach, it's a weekend retreat at the beach - two hours of spa services, a Limo ride there and back? Yeah and when you ask her what she wants for her bday, she says there's a great used book store we can stop in when we get to LC and she'll pick out a book. She is insane but I sure do love her. Speaking of Jody, she let me come and help her paint her bedroom. If anyone is afraid of color, don't look at her bedroom. We painted the vaulted walls purple and one wall, the accent wall, fushia. She will paint blocks in different shades of pink and purple. It'll be dang awesome! it was fun but my shoulders hurt like heck and I'm not a very good painter. She took a big risk on letting to touch her walls. I painted on Friday night.

Then on Saturday, our ward singles hosted a stake single kareoke party. We had 16 people show up, (this is a VOLUMOUS amount of folks) and we laughed and laughed and sang and sang. It was awesome fun.

sunday I taught RS and we played Jeopardy because of all the factoids in the lesson. And I often feel like my lessons all end up the same. I need to spice things up a bit. We had quite the competition going on. It was fun and nice to discuss facts and figures as well as spiritual relevancy.

Today. Well friends, I have no idea what happened today but I freakin' got a ton of stuff done! I was feeling pretty well so I just went for it. The dishes, changed the sheets, cleaned out my closet and dressers. Swept and cleaned my mud room (it was truly muddy) and put all of my shoes in my old dresser, giving them all a new home and definitely cleaning it up a whole lot. then I spent several hours working in the yard - mowed the front and side yard, pruned my shrubs and weeded my rose bushes (well, almost all of the roses).

And then I went and got a haircut and grocery shopping. The only thing I didn't get done today was my RESUME! I'm up for a promotion or at least a lateral move and I want out but I cant seem to bring myself to suffer an interview and the possibility of rejection.

Anyway...I also got my picture taken by my home teacher. he's an amateur photographer and I'm going to get more soon I hope. Once i get them back, I'll be sure to post it because they were cute.

And yesterday I wrote a personal note in several books that I bought for Elijah. I hope he enjoys reading them. One is called "Pledge of Allegiance", another "Freedom". And then one calle "Terrific" which is really funny about a guy who was pessimestic and he found a parrot and the parott was a good friend for him. And then finally a book called Pirate Mom...it's about a boy who loves pirates and his mom gets them tickets to a hypnotist and the mom gets trapped as a pirate. The message there, even when we wish we had different parents, we all miss them when they're gone.

Hugs to all, love ya!


10 February 2008

i have nothing to call this one...

Just thought I'd catch everyone up. I feel sicky. Our ward is hosting a karaoke party for singles on saturday. I have met with the new stake young men's presidency and they seem to be much more on top of things than the last ones (shhh, keep this a secret).

My dad my have lost his job and that very much stresses me out. I definitely don't want to find myself in the financial troubles they find themselves in at this stage of their lives. I love them to death but man, do they really need that 46" flat screen hd tv? NOPE! And imagine what they could do with the money? Oh well. The only choice I have is to get out of debt and manage my own money better.

A few friends have found me on facebook and I hate that site so maybe I'll just let them all know that I'm not going to check it anymore. Kinda cool the friends though - Paul Hines. I was such a dumb and naive girl that I didn't realize this kid had a crush, some would say more than a crush, on me the Fall of our Freshman year of HS. I totally thought I'd set him up with my friend and thats why I ever talked to him in the first place. Well, besides he was a freshman too. he just wasn't my type so I never figured that he would ever like me. It was like 3 mos before someone mentioned to me that he liked me and then I thought about it and instantly was so EMBARASSED because it was like someone opened the shades and the light streamed in! Anyway, I thought I would just ask him about it and then on our last day of cross country (yes, I ran, unbelievable hunh?) he asked me out on a real date and as badly as I wanted to say yes, I was only 14 and could hear my parents. I had to break this poor boys heart and he didn't really speak to me again, for like 2 years. Until he had a girlfriend that he spent the rest of his HS career with. Oh well. He's happily married and they have a baby boy. i'm soooo happy for him. He's a quality man. One with integrity and humor and brains. Their family would make great members of the church although they are great Christian already.

I did yoga today and I like it. I think I have found my exercise groove. If only I could find my healty eating groove. Oh man, I cleaned out the fridge today and threw away probably $15 of produce that had gone bad. I'm so bad at preparing meals that I waste the fresh stuff. Gotta learn to prep and cook. I can do it!

have a great week all.
Quote of the week: strict obedience to true principles will bring desired results. I don't know who said it and I probably pulled several phrases to get this one, but I love it!