03 January 2008


I think its freaky ironic that I'm going to complain about technology whilst typing my blog. However, I can only take so much ridiculousness. My office's network is tempermental and I haven't been able to get my redirector to work with my crackberry for like a month now. What is the point of paying for it if it's not working. I haven't been able to access my network folders while logged on to the vpn so I've been using a secure network instead and its still very tempermental. I don't have time for this!

Had a good committee meeting tonight with two new charter reps in attendance. If I could only get them all there at the same time. We'd be able to make assignments and really divi up the jobs. I did get them to agree to do the basics - a calendar, a trained chairman who is going to do the job and support. Let the boys plan the program and you won't need to worry about attendance and they'll bring their friends. Also, they agreed to work with the district and help plan our first ever golf tournament. They are checking with friends and co workers and other church members, etc. I hope by next week we have a way better plan and can get it really going.

Alright, gotta run. oh, and go Blazers - beat the Bull's in Cheecago in Double OT! Way to go. And congrats Nate McMillan. I went to his basketball camp when i waa 15 and he let me win 1 on 1 and a free throw contest. Ok, maybe I won the free throw contest of my own accord b/c there are no advantages in that one. Hehehe...


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