02 October 2013

Looking for Maleen

If you are her or Tyler - please email me or call me or something!!!!!! eagelvalleyde@hotmail.com

09 February 2013

One of the best years of my life...

The age given to me by my awesome cousin is 23.

The year is 1999 and I'm a return missionary from Germany, Leipzig Mission. I have worked really hard to pay cash for college at BYU. In fact, I worked under the table at two jobs and put all my wages in my dresser drawer. If my brothers had known, I probably wouldn't have a degree!

I moved to Provo, UT in May and couldn't move into my apartment for a week because I had no idea how it worked. I hadn't read any of the materials (shhh, we were all dumb at one point right?). I ended up calling my cousins Alohi Clah and family. They took care of me for an entire week before I could move in. I also was dehydrated like the first 12 weeks I was in town. I was not used to needing THAT much water. I met Patti Jo and Omel C. the first week and they were my BFFs.

I had an apartment at Miller Apartments and LOVED sharing a parking lot with my childhood friend Emily Jorgensen and her hubby Eric Jorgensen. I also adored my roommates Maly Willis, Daravanh Rattana Bills, Susy Samad Ferreira, Lorena Aguilar-Booth and a few others. They were the most awesomest roomies ever! But in a close 2nd place, the boys who lived across the hall – Brent Christensen and Travis Hobbs were awesome. I’d have breakfast with Brent nearly every morning and get my “update”. They also were kind enough to let me work out with them. I had never done that before. Hehe.

Kami Anderson helped me graduate because she was so stinkin’ smart (still are girl!).

It was a GOOD year. One of my favorites honestly. So sweet of you to mention it Becca Neilson Robinson.
And there you have it.  Emily also reminded me that I dragged her bum out of bed at the forsaken hour of 5:45 to go to Water Aerobics (which I LOVED btw) and we had some fun times.  Good stuff that year.  :)   The next wasn't soooo bad, until June.  That's when I met Will. :( 

02 January 2013

Hello Anyone who reads this blog People:

It's only been 6 months, hehe...so much has changed!

I'm going to do this and then send them out as New Year's Cards (because I'm so late with christmas cards, and maybe I'll even make them Birthday cards - that I can push off till March).

Sharon's 2012 A-Z

A - A new job.  Started August 1st and couldn't be more grateful
B- Became a foster parent through DHS and got my first kid mid-August
C- California.  Took mom and dad on a Thanksgiving weekend San Fransisco road trip and had a blast!
D- Dedicated friends and family helped me build shelves in my garage (thanks Bakers! and Mom & Dad)
E- Extended family.  Love and appreciate them.
F- Family History - I dove right in and love it.
G- Glen, my new boss is the BEST.
H-House Paint - well, paid to have my house painted. Thanks Whitakers!
I- Inspiring new curriculum for Sunday School  Grateful for the opportunity
J-Saw John Williams with Mark Smith and it has started a flurry of "cultural" activities
K-Kids - its been a great learning curve to learn how to deal with girls 12-18 in the system
L - Loved celebrating my 37th birthday with a pj party.  So many of my friends in the same place.
M- Messiah as a Christmas gift and went with Mark S.  So wonderful.
N- New niece and two new nephews and the announcement of 1 more nephew.
O- Opportunities to learn, grow and become better.  Buh bye 2012 - Hello 2013!
P-Pentatonix - saw them in Concert with Shannon
Q- Quit delivering Pizzas at Abby's Legendary's Pizza which is a whole blog post on its own
R-Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. My new company
S-Still teaching Sunday School - I feel like I've been teaching them for like 3-4 years now.
T- Time our for Women - I got to go with
U- Uninvited wedding guest (family rep, lol) - to my cousin's wedding in HAWAII.  Totally worth it.
V-Visited Karen and Andrew in Phoenix and doing it again in January!
W- Welcomed 4 foster kids this year and maybe I'll be able to create stability for just one in 2013
X-Excitement for the new year.
Y-YOOP!  is a memory.  I loved working for and on behalf of the neediest youth in our county.
Z- Zero debt paid off since I quit Abby's.  Just shows that you accomplish what you focus on.

01 June 2012

First Strawberries of the Season

Please don't expect a picture - it's midnight and I've been up since 6 am...working the ENTIRE time except for the 20 min break I took to go the Farmer's Market and bought my first flat of strawberries.  And believe it or not, tonight when I got home at 11:15 I washed, dried, cut the top off of and flash froze and then bagged (cut and washed all, bagged 1/2)!  I am tired but so happy that all winter long I can have green smoothies.  I also watched Engine 2's Diet today while auditing.  Amazing stuff and I cannot wait to get the recipes.

It's day 3 of my plant based take over and well - its getting harder.  I was REALLY hungry when I got to the pizza joint and smelling good pizza wasn't helping.  I ate some carrots dipped in honey mustard. :) Quite proud of myself.

I'm grateful that I got all of my Amity girl files audited and all of their finances taken care of.  Whoo whoo!~

I am grateful that I have a Hometeacher who came and tilled the space for my raspberry starts and the front so I can plant my pink flowers - I LOVE those flowers.  They are the same ones that the Springs helped me plant about 7 years ago now.  I will also get my square foot garden in on Saturday or BUST!

Concerns:  My back hurts but I am so grateful for my many, many blessings.

21 May 2012

Back to life, back to reality

Sunday, May 19

I had a great day.  I went to church and listened intently while playing word search. hehehe

I taught my 8 youth in Sunday School.  This was quite a bit different than last week when I had only 2 and one of which wasn't there yesterday.   We talked about repentance...I forget sometimes that these kids haven't had these lessons like 9 bazillion times and its all new to them.  We also had two non-member youths.  That was way cool.

I came home and read some of the book Shannon loaned me called "The Culture of Poverty" etc.  It's so informative!

I called home and asked if it was ok if I came up and of course so I headed out.

We played games and talked and watched Ninja master thingy.  Totally awesome show.  Ikaia said, Aunty Sharon, why do you always talk to the old people (grandma, grandpa and his Dad) instead of me.  You don't love me.  I said looky here son, that's not how you show love and it has nothing to do with love.

It was fun and we played Ninja fruit slicer party game and then ate and then played loaded questions.  We laughed and laughed and laughed because

20 May 2012

I've been Naughty, but it's been NICE!

Ah, ok.  So, I haven't blogged once since being in Hawaii.  So the best way to remedy this is to do a VERY brief synopsis of each day.

Tuesday:  Fly in, no problems, not first class but oh well. I've never flown first class anyhow.  I arrive and let my cousin Jacob and Auntie Emily know and then believe I'm heading on the bus to pick up my Westfalia Van. Jacob says, oh, you don't have any luggage. I'm like, yes, I do and he says, you can't ride TheBus then because they don't allow luggage.  WHAT??????  So then I'm like freaking out.  My whole plan is up in smoke.  Ends up Uncle Larry comes and gets me and drives me to Kailua to pick up the van.  The van is way less attractive then I thought but hey, it's ok.  Worst thing is - the van's gas tank is EMPTY.  Like, lower than E.  Seriously?  Who runs a car/van rental business and doesn't put gas?

I make it to Hauula with great directions from the gas attendant.  As soon as I arrive, Uncle Larry calls and says he's been waiting for me to pass to show me how to get here.  I'm like, maybe you should've waited somewhere on the road I was driving on.  Somehow I got on the old road, lol.

Keahi and Abraham come and I get to meet her!  She's just as fab as my cousin, Abraham.  We go to bed late, very, very late.

I go to the back house and offer to take grandma to the Sr Center. I move the van from it's parking spot to the driveway and go inside.  By the time I come out, the van won't start.  Seriously?  What the heck.  So we roll it just a bit and Aunty Emily ends up doing all of the errands because I'm waiting for Uncle Larry.  Btw, I was blocking her in!  Annoying.

I head to town with Uncle Larry and Aunt Peggy and we pick up Naomi before heading to the swap meet.  Rule #1:  Don't go spending all your money at swap meet the first day on the Island.

Rule #2: Always go to swap meet!

We get home and its been a wonderfully fun day and I try and start the van and it won't start.  I call and they (Oahucampingvans.net people) say they will come out in the morning.

I didn't realize that meant noon!!!!! I was so angry and upset that I just wanted to switch vans and not even talk to him but I managed to say I get a day and a half credit as well as $60 in gas!

I'll start uploading pictures soon.  Gonna post this or I never will. I began typing this way back when I was still in HI!  Good intentions, huh...didn't work this time.  Try again latah.

01 May 2012

I'm on a jet plane...or between them actually

I missed yesterday...but that's ok, since I basically stayed up all night talking to my dad before he dropped me off at the airport, I'd say I'[m[ still on the same day except technically I'm not. Hmmmm...

1.  I am officially on my first vacation in 2.5 years and dang, it feels good.  I'm not going to lie, I have been looking forward to this for a LONG time!

2.  I stayed up talking to my dad last night for a long time.

3.  I chatted with Kenji and David via their video games system and it was fun and funny, like always.

4.  I made the flight to Denver and the flight to HI is wide open so I should arrive today. :)

5.  My roommate paid her rent on time and in full, whoo whoo!  Now I don't have to worry so much about food/money.

Ah...Jacob called me last night and he's hooking me up with electricity from the house and they have wireless so I should be JUST fine for 10 days. :)

All that razzing I did to Rob and Shannon for renting the VW vanagon, shame on me! Here I am following their lead and doing teh same thing.

Aloha and Mahalo - Sharon