03 January 2008

Sharon doing YOGA?

Oh, I wish I had a picture of this event. I could see myself in the mirror in some shorts that were a tad bit too tight (at least they were long!). I happened into the yoga class at the gym last night and I did pretty well considering - considering a lot of things. This whole event made me contemplate this AM as I was waking up, so many embarassing moments in my life. There are so many and they all make me laugh my butt off - if only it was that easy! HAHHAHAHAH.

Ah, the power of laughter. I really want to go dancing tomorrow night except i didn't get my expense report turned in on time and so I'm generally BROKE right now and it's annoying.

I have a meeting tonight, the year finally closes tomorrow and then a whole new set of issues begins. Gotta love life!

Good luck Romney!

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