10 May 2009

New Roomie!!!!

A miracle has occured! I met a lady who I believe would be a great roommate!! I've been considering a roommate for years but I'm very, very picky. Her name is Kristin and she works a lot, on different days than me...I think he lifestyle would be upgraded,lol. She doesn't have a computer?!?! YIKES! Anyway...we met several weeks ago and she showed up at my office on Friday and we drove out here and took a look. She has other offers but I think it would be most FUN for her to chose me, lol.

I should know within the next few days. I would be so pleased to be able to pay off my debts faster!!

I will still have to eat beans and rice, rice and beans and get gazelle intense, but I feel financial freedom coming on.

On this note - I just want to tell a friend congratulations!! This friend earned approximately $250K by selling a single stock that he held for 3 months. It's insane but it's true - he was more high off the "win" than the $$, although I'm sure the $$ isn't a bad thing either.

Have a great day!

05 May 2009

What happens...

When you get to the 100th Blog? One may feel as if one has reached a milestone and then quits? Or perhaps one is suffering a broken heart and goes into deep depression? Or maybe one simply can't find anything of significance to blog about. Yep, that's the 1.

Today, finally, I feel like I have something to contribute. I sucessfully purchased a new phone, sent in the rebate form, bought a wireless router for Mobile @ Home, got it all set up, bought and charged a wireless phone, bought and charged my new blackberry AND it all works!!! WHOOO WHOOO!

I LOVE being able to sit at the kitchen table and pay my bills or in my bedroom and watch Hell's Kitchen, yes - I know, they have to bleep every other word sometimes but it's a good show with really quality young chefs. And i'm super impressed with Danny who is only 23!!! He's a finalist if you're not watching.

Oh, did I mention it was only $10 to get the home phone #? Well, that's not 100%
true but I felt the value of having a home phone # to disuade my LDS leaders from calling me on Sunday NIGHT would be worth it!

Ok, next item...this is classic so I have to put some thought into it.