31 March 2008

Things to catch you up on

Hello My Peeps-

Last weekend, I was cajoled by a few folks in my ward to go to the Lak O single adult dance. I didn't want to leave at 7 PM so I said I would see them there and car pool from Newberg. I got to Newberg - no one else showed up. Very random and annoying so I drove all the way in. I danced one dance (b-52's) and headed to the game room where I played dominoes and scrabble. yep, I'm full of energy and anxious to meet folks hunh?

-Weight loss! I weighed in on Monday Am to be down 5 lbs over two weeks. That made me happy. I think I might have regressed this week bc of stupid stress but...

Ginger and Vicky - Ladies, I know I missed both of your birthday's but - I LOVE YOU and hope you are having a wonderful year. WOw, both of you are getting OLD...haha...I fall smack dab between ya, but still.

I found out about this Mid - singles conference in Seattle and have registered. It's over Memorial Day Weekend and what can it hurt to go to the Seattle Art Museum, the Temple, meet about 500 people? Nothing...and if I keep up my weight loss, I'm rewarding myself with a highlights for my hair and I'll look cute, to match my new haircut. I am still hoping to get pics taken soon - so I can post 'em.

Alright...that's enough of all of this. I gotta run.


26 March 2008

Just a short catch up now...

Easter Saturday the Stake hosted a singles dinner/fireside for us. It's the first one held at our own Stake in like, I don't know, maybe 3-5 years. yeah, feel the love. Anywho...

It was a really lovely event. They provided dinner and a guest speaker of Dan Hinmon and his wife (I cannot seem to remember her name and I should bc when I broke my arm, Dan's office was across from mine and he was the one who took me to the hospital and she took care of me through the night until my parents could get there the next day). [Sandy, that's her name, sometimes it comes to me a few minutes too late!]

Ok, back on track here. She spoke about her being single, married and then single again. They are just such nice, normal people. They were just friends for like 4 years before they decided to date. They dated for 2 more years before they got married. Then Dan spoke and he talked about how it really wasn't easy when they first got married. He had 6 kids, she had none. They were his angels, she thought they were less than angelic. He talked about attitude and then asked folks to share. That was a very sweet moment when others in the room shared and other people could hear they are not alone. Sometimes folks tend to get negative. No room for that in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Oh, did I mention that I invited a guy to attend who wasn't from our stake? Yep. A guy I met online. His name is Michael and we'd exchanged a few emails. He shows up about 30 minutes late, is bald and uses a cane. Now folks, don't take this the wrong way, bc I'm no super chic chic or anything, but HOLA! I cannot date a guy who uses a cane. I'm too young. And although I'm not as spry as I once was, I'm working my way back to that spryness.

Let's see...this week I've closed a new unit, just like I said in my TOP 10 and also made membership for the month. I am the only district of 19 who had 100% retention. This makes me very happy. :)

Roger also scheduled a meeting with Willie and we're going to begin the Golf planning tomorrow.


More excuses for not posting!

My Top Ten for Not Posting

10. Back hurts, lol...
9. Headache, hahahahahaha
8. Got another speeding ticket - this one for $170.00 in a 1 street town (STUPID FREAKIN YAMHILL)
7. Had 100% unit retention in EV District and had to get my SR's done
6. Closed on a new unit today - Pack 7205
5. Fending off the rumors my own mother has been spreading to basically total strangers. I had to coach her on how to talk to people who say they know me, but don't really. These people may have known of me at one point in my life. Gosh mom!!!
4. Carpooling with Elaine Mitchel to singles events
3. Calling in for a mental health day and then spending Easter with Jody and her family planning cards and getting whompped
2. Stressing about a golf tournament that we have scheduled but not PLANNED!
1. I'm lazy! Come on now, have we met?

I'll get to the good stuff in a minute.

12 March 2008

Eagle or Birdie or Eagle Swings Golf Tournament?

Last night I went to the temple with 3 other singles in the stake and then went to dinner with a bunch of folks. Got home really late and I didn't' enjoy that part of it.

Then today - finally we got this Golf Tourney off the ground!!!!! We picked two dates, figured out a type, a start time, drafted a sponsor list, and baaically GOT BUSY! Oh yeah. well, it's bed time.


salishan spa at Lincoln city

Hello Folks...

I'm sorry for my absence...I've been busy.

Where to start...oh, Maleen, I read that sort article and had a few tears myself. And I'm not prego nor married to someone who is, lol.

I spent last week stressing out about taking a "mental health" day on Friday. It was our staff meeting and then we had a camp directors meeting and then a DCD meeting...and I needed to be ready to go to the coast before my first meeting ended so, I did it. I called and took a mental health day.

But first...Tuesday 3/4 and Wednesday 3/5 I spent with new unit sales calls with my boss. They went very well. Then Thursday we had a reflection with the district committee and it was really, really nice. We narrowed it down to 3 task items and while 2 are easy, one is not. I think it will be a great way to implement a plan though.

Wed. afternoon I attended a major gifts seminar and really learned a lot. I am going to try and slowly implement some of the ideas into my district - to recruit both donors and volunteers of higher caliber.

So finally it's Friday AM. I am stressed to the max bc calling in sick is just NOT my style. Fortunately, my neck was killing me and I had a chiropractic appt and got adjusted. Only problem was, it made me more sore. I was all sorts of muscle relaxers and pain killers which made me really tired.

Jody is my Highest level volunteer and it was her birthday weekend. So...you do what you have to do. We headed to Lincoln City. I never knew it was so close - only 45 min from my house and we were at the outlet shopping mall! Note to self - new tradition - first weekend of every March, head to the coast to SHOP! In between seasons have great sales. We stopped bc Jody forgot to bring her swimming suit ~ It was all good. I got these awesome pumps for $4.50 and a pair of boots for $12.00. WHOO WHOO.

Then it was off to the House Jody rented for the weekend. WOW - it was fantabulous. Here are some pics...(ok, promise to add when I find OUR house).

So I was introduced to Sarah - from Alaska. Heidi from AK and then AZ. Susan arrived late. Wait, there was me, Heidi, Sarah, Brenda, yes Brenda is Jody's walking buddy and a super great gal. Then there was Kaylee, a friend of Jody's from Church. That was all of us. Susan did drive out late and thank goodness because we sure were cramped in a minivan, lol. Then Susan and another gal (I can't remember her name! She was only around for like 3 hrs). Anyway...first 20 min we're in the house we hike down to the beach - two gals fall, lol...so I simply sit and scoot. It was wet sand but sooo gorgeous. Nice waves, great beach, a little bit of rocky sand. I brought a flashlight and we walked with so much excitment about the weekend.

I went to bed early but woke up like normal at 4:15!! I dont' know what is wrong with me and my sleep cycle. Jody had scheduled a day at the spa for all of us - Salishan Spa and Resort. We each had 2 hours of treatments. http://www.salishan.com/spa/ I had a mud wrap and a deep tissue massage. Some gals got facials, many pedicures and Jody got a stone massage. It all sounded so great but after seeing the two gals who had facials - I will always go for that from now on. They looked about 10 years younger, each! Seriously! Jody announced later that night that she planned on taking all of us in 5 years (which is good b/c she probably had to sell a home just to provide us with this weekend on HER birthday) to the Salishan Spa in Vancouver, BC!!! Her gifts were so dang cute. IMHO, Kaylee outdid us all. She had individually wrapped 40 gifts that all screamed Jody. Everything was fuscia or hot pink and just very her. We were jealous of her insight into such a great gift.

Jody fed us healthy food and walked all weekend. I bonded especially with Susan (she works at George Fox Univ. and for those of you who don't know, it's probably the next conservative university that I'm familiar with next to BYU). They don't allow their profs to drink. And we live in the heart of wine country! Anyway...we just loved each other from the beginning. It was so great. She has 6 kids, two adopted (one from Africa and one from Siberia, Russia). She and her husband found God at the same time which according to her was a good thing or they'd be divorced.

I've got to speed this up or you will never get through it. Got home around 4 on Sunday and then I headed to a mid-singles Fireside in LO where the temple is and central to the two regions. Oddly enough, Vancouver is in another REGION! Oh well.

I just totally broke the mold and went around and introduced myself to folks. This probably freaked them out but I didn't care. They are all there to meet new people and yet everyone sits only with people they know. What is the point of that exercise?

That was my weekend!

Hugs to all!

04 March 2008

March 4th, AHhhhhh

I've been sung to twice today and I got to talk to my nephew. I'm happy to say it's my BIRTHDAY!!! :)

I am going to sell spring products at the local BOWLING ALLEY!!!! This was all set up by a new dad in our pack. I tell ya, new brains and ideas sure do come in handy for candy ;) LOL...

I had a bad day yesterday only bc Will's new girlfriend is having an identity crisis and can't handle me sending him a spam email. She was downright nasty and that provoked the worst in me (against my will!) and I reacted instead of responded. I went full throttle against her and by the end of the day was just so annoyed.

Then today I got a supossed email from Will telling me not to contact him or her. i was like, oh please, Will never wrote like that in his entire life and he couldn't use big words if his life depended on it. Plus, he had no clue what we had exchanged and it was evident. It was so pathetic. And it makes me grumpy.

I met with a gal from who is wiling to help with the golf tournament and then we headed out to the chamer in Newberg. I had my meeting and then went to lunch with Jim (my boss, yuck!) and then headed over to CYFS. We met their new crew advisor and she is amazing and a huge blessing to those kids. She has read the book and runs herself a tight ship. She only needs resources and property stuff. I'm excited to get to know her...oh, and she geocaches! Yeah baby.

Tomorrow I'm meeting with St. paul elem. school principal and then NCC both about a pack. And then we're moving west into UMC of Dundee. Also about a pack. Hopefully we'll get a lot of movement from these appointments. Earlier last week I met with the Conf. tribes of Grand Ronde and I just really respected the director of education - Molly. She was just a ton of quality and would be wonderful to work with.

Well, gotta run. I want to take this online investment class through one of my banks but I don't think I have time! YIKES!

Have a great day everyone.

03 March 2008

A Little EZ!

Elijah Zane, his mom, Joanne and his sister Julie