29 January 2009

Scouting DOES changes lives...

I had the opportunity to speak to all of the Bishops in my Stake today- it just so happens that my job with the Boy Scouts takes in McMinnville Stake. The purpose of our meeting was to get the executive officers trained. What would you train the bishops on if you had their ear for 30 minutes?

I started out with asking them point blank if they ever felt there was a disconnect between a campout and a good missionary? If they thought that managing the Scouting program in their wards was time consuming or cumbersome? Only two were honest, the rest were grateful the others were honest.

Jim (my boss man) and I shared a few quotes and some ideas on how to make their lives easier. Scouting isn't really there to take all their time and leave them with nothing. It's to provide them with avenues in which to share testimony of the gospel and practical life skills.

Two quotes I shared with them tonight:

The first by the General Primary President, Cheryl C. Lant. She said:

Scouting is fun and has an important purpose! Soven through all the fun is an inspired program that really works. Scouting is about learning and living the gospel. Socuitng can reinforce positive character values and leadership skills that are taught in the home. Scouting prepares boys to become righteous men who hold and honor the priesthood of God. Scout leaders have the repsponsibility to help each boy connect what he is learning in Scouting to his preisthood preparation and his future as a covenent-keeping missionary, husband, and father.

Powerful. But then get this one that we closed with.

This is not an optional program....Scouting is no longer on trial. It is an economincally, socially, and spiritually sound program. It builds men of character and spirituality and trains them for citizen and leadership responsibility. Scouting teaches a boy to take care of himself and stand on his own two feet. It is an inspired program for a demanding time. This is that time! I would to God that every boy of Scouting age could have the benefits and blessings of this great program. It is truly a noble program. It is a builder of character not only in the boys but also in the men who provide the leadership. - President Ezra Taft Benson, March 31, 1978.

May we soon learn to listen to the prophet's voice!

I really, truly do love Scouting. Not because it's my job either. I just love and appreciate the program. It really does help young boys become great men. I see it in my own little pack made up of 5 non-member boys. I see their little faces brim with pride when the reach a milestone. I listen to them speak to people at their door steps as they collect food and clothing for those in need. I hear them refer to their leaders as their friends, trusted friend. Do not all children need these same blessings?

Food for thought.

19 January 2009

Fianlly, an update!

I had to schedule an hour to update my blog. My eyes are all blury, dirty glasses and headaches, etc.

First a very quick update - busy, dang busy. First the crazy weather, then the holidays. Then it was like the flood gates finally opened with my volunteers - they also came back to life and with only one week to make year-end membership, slammed. And the boss man kept asking us to head to Salem. For me, total waste of time. Oh, and this whole time I had a sprained ankle!

ANywho...finally it was Friday and I had a ton of people coming and going from my small, two chair office turning in membership, making calls and do you know what? We made it! +1. I know, it's small and it was at 5:40 pm but hey, we did it. It's Tina's leadership and others who cared enough to do their roster checks. The stake presidency got in on it...bringing in 5 kids at the very end.

Then the very next week (so now we're at like 1/12) we spent Monday running around to Salem again because Jim thought that meeting Tu-Thus wouldn't be enough? and then of course Tues - Thurs at the planning conference in Salem. Then Sat we had our day of planning for day camp at the coast. Geesh, I am do tired!

The conference was good and bad. Crazy drunk people should be quarantined until they sober up and some are just freakin' hilarious when drunk and all lounging on the same bed. I wish I could find a pic of that...maybe? There were like 11 of us on one bed, the boss's.

Roommate problems? I never had any until early Thursday aM. she is a freak!!

Anyway, it's MLK day and I finally had a day off. I set my alarm for 9 and woke up at 7, :( boo hoo. I made my list and checked it twice and got most of it done with still many more things to do. I'm only about an hour behind schedule too and Joanne called and we talked for like 1.5 hrs (she's Will's baby's mama). Does that makes sense? Elijah is her son. I still think they should move into my house and be section 8 renters.

That's all I got - sorry for the lack of detail. If I could keep up, I could be more detailed. Have a fantastic day all.


15 January 2009

Planning Conference 2009

Planning Conference 2009
We are in the final few hours of our 2009 planning conference. It's been pretty good this year, not as good as last. The facilities are really nice this year - Sheraton at the Airport. I was paired with a roommate who until she was stone drunk was really nice and fun.Now we are watching a video on the new compensation program that I already watched. Skip t the Q & A already!I'll have way more details later - way more!~Sharon