29 December 2009

Gratitude is all attitude! ~ What I'm grateful for in 2009!

First 3 months? Boring cause I can't remember anything meaningful happening.
In April I let a friend and kids move in as she attempted to leave her husband – she lasted two weeks but lots of things transpired during that time. I cleaned out a bedroom, sold my huge, bar room style dining room table. I LOVED that table. I believed that a table meant you would eat at it, which I did often, and could have company over, and play games around it. It was very difficult to say goodbye. In fact, I took pictures to remember it with!
This all opened up space so I could potentially have someone live with me and so my roommate moved in at the end of May. It's been a transition and it sort of what prompted me to realize that I could adopt. Kirsten is nice (not to be mistaken with Kristen from Woodland). Moving on now, lol.
In June I joined Toastmasters International and really, really enjoy it. I do believe out club could at least follow the plan but hey, it's ok to be a rebel every once in awhile, right?
I'm grateful for Ohana – I took my furlough and vacation and went to Hawaii for the 2009 Nihipali Ohana Reunion where I met up with my brother Kenji and spent quality time with my extended family. I didn't get enough so I went back for Thanksgiving. Mahalo for your love and support!! I love you guys, which I did scream from the car window as I drove away. Yep, you heard correctly I said I love you!
I'm grateful for friends – Julie Slack moved into the ward in September. She has been a HUGE blessing for me. Jody, Shannon and of course Matt and Lisa.
An invitation to the Single Adult Labor Day Camp out at Ensign Ranch with Shirley and Carla and where I met Kristen. Kristen was camping right next to us at the ranch and we hit it off. I hadn't had the opportunity to camp for FUN in about, oh, 5 years. Yes, I work for the BSA but I work when I camp. To just go, be dirty and sleep on the ground was SOOOO awesome. I felt so great about it and had a blast dancing and just being me. It also led to purchasing fruits on the way home and a first time canning experience. I did pears, peaches and then apple sauce and blackberry peach jam. I'm thankful for friends and visiting teachers that helped me get started in the canning arena. I plan on doing a lot more in 2010~~!
It's during this year that I have begun the process of adopting. I chose to do it even tho I am single because I believe that children are worth more than “the system”. The kid(s) will be from the foster care system and up here we get to choose from the 4 state area of WA, OR, ID and AK. I believe the adoption worker is working on my home study and I'm working on a scrap book and taking the necessary trainings. It's a process and will take time and may never happen. I'll be sure to keep my facebook status updated, lol!
I was released as Cub committee chair and called to teach Sunday school for the 15-18 year olds. I love and adore my kiddos. This is a great age to teach – they are old enough and smart enough to have a great time.
And could there have been a great Christmas gift than to be invited to Matt's sealing? Nope. It was awesome and beautiful. Kristen deserves a medal for driving, arranging our lodging and then being bored out of her mind.
The Atonement is real. The Church is true. The scriptures are TRUE testimonies of the prophets that have lived before us. I love the Gospel and my family and friends. I am so blessed and grateful.

22 December 2009

Matt's Story

I hope Matt doesn't mind that I'm telling his story - or my story about him.

I just love this kid. He was there for me - we bonded over whole chicken and a walk around the pond at our annual retreat going on 6 years ago now. He was new with the council and I was in dire straits. I was going through a horrible divorce and he was alone really for the first time in a new place. He was a good listener and a great friend.

One day he called me and asked me about Joseph Smith in an obscure way. I can't remember the entire question but I do know it was odd. I asked him what he was reading and he said the biography of Joseph Smith's mother. I said, that was a good choice but did he have a Book of Mormon. He said no and I said you will tomorrow morning. I scrambled - I'm embarassed to say that I didn't have one at home or in the car already - but he had one on his desk by the time he arrived the next morning. I asked him if he would join us in reading the Book of Mormon by the end of the year as President Hinckley had asked us to. He said that he would. I don't know if I put anything inside or if I wrote a little note...I'm sure that I would've about what knowing about the Restoration meant to me and how grateful I am for the Savior.

He has many, many friends in the Gospel that had been laying that ground work for a long, long time. He joined the church - and I spoke about the blessings of attending the temple at his baptism. Also, he had standing room only at his baptism which is pretty intense considering he moved during the time he took the discussion and he got baptized in the stake where the missionaries were living and everyone - from friends and family to both single's wards attened. It was awesome.

The same was true this Saturday when he was sealed to his sweetheart Molly. Standing room only in the sealing room. You know Matt, I love you man but when he called yesterday to tell me thank you...we were both tearing up (and I was at work - he was in the privacy of his car) but all I can say is you are welcome. I hope that you and Molly have a HUGE family that bring you joy and happinesses into the eternities. Your sealing was amazing and beautiful. Your sealer did a wonderful job in explaining how it is the crowning ordinance of the Gospel plan.

Now the real work begins - but I'm sooo happy for you two. I couldn't help but keep talking about how excited I was/am for you to all my friends. They probably wondered why but knowing the eternal blessings of the sealing and purpose of families helps us know that it's not just a temporary thing.

You are and have been a true friend and huge blessing to me!! I love you man!