29 December 2007

I'm so jealous!

Ok. Friends and Family ~

I thought I'd be all braggish and tell my dear friend Matt that I was a good missionary. (I gave him his first BOM and challenged him to read it by the end of the year the same time that President Hinckley asked us to do that and now he's the most sought after bachelor in Spokane!) and he said, that's great Sharon. Before I left, I gave one to my married couple friends and the guy who replaced me at the office. I'm like "WOW!" This guy is unstoppable. I told him I wanted to give one of our mutual friends a BOM and he tried to tell me not to but the funny thing is, I've been feeling for some time that I should give her one. Just because she's living the lesbionic lifestyle, doesn't mean that she doesnt need to know that Heavenly Father loves her and talks to prophets on earth today. She's an avid reader and I believe that the BOM alone will bring the Spirit into her life. I just keep telling myself that it's not my message, it's the truth, and the Gospel truth's speak for themselves.

Going dancing tonite even though I feel sick as doggy because of Aunt Flo stopping by. Ugh.

Anywho. Hang tight - Happy New Year yall.


27 December 2007

Life is good, even when it's bad

Hola Folks~

Just wanted to drop in and tell ya what I've been up to. A few days before Christmas I went up to the parentals home in Vancouver, WA. It was nice enough - my brother and his wife gave my mom a nice birthday gift of her favorite meal for her birthday. What made it so nice is that we all love it too! Can't do better than that. Fried rice and homemade egg rolls, etc. I did manage to make it to the gym and do the treadmill. Yeah me!

The next day we were celebrating Christmas due to everyone's crazy work schedule. That was another HUGE traditional meal and lots of dessert and sweet stuff. No working out today.

Then Christmas day - my parents gave each other a huge 46" flat screen HD TV. My mom didn't even know what HD meant and can't use the remote! Oh well, they got rid of their tv and put it back in a bedroom and the tv is a little too big for that space but it does give them their converstion and family room back. It was nice not to have it playing in the background while we were playing games or whatever.

No new news except for my brother realizing he married into a trap and the usual blame games. But overall, pretty normal. I took some adorable pictures but cannot get them to email from my phone! I'm pretty frustrated by that. Oh well. I'll try again later.

Hugs to all,


25 December 2007

The world can be so cruel sometimes

The worst, yet inevitable truth came down just now that my disgusting sister in law is being cruel to my brother and they will probably end up divorced. She was looking for citizenship and my brother wasn't smart enough or rich enough for her. She doesn't care for their baby either. My brother is horrified and shocked, although I think he knew it for a long time but was just in denial.

She doesn't seem to care that it's Christmas Day.

The truth of the matter is that because of Christ and His birthday, the pain can heal. The foundation is real. Maybe there just is a silver lining...

22 December 2007

Work is frustrating sometimes...UGH!

I drove to PDX today to pick up some cash incentives only to find out they had me down for only 1/3 of the total I had me down for! Of course I didn't want to argue and I really wanted to have the Christmas spirit. So, anyway...I'm bummed but I'm going to be ok in the long run.

Called my sis and she chose ironing over me (but it gave me a chance to talk to Nathan). It was, probably our 2nd conversation, ever. Anyway. I wanted a few stats on the area and I ended up getting a lot more info than I wanted. I wanted an opinion. Oh well.

I re-enrolled for Ediets and got back with my old team. They are so fantastic. This challenge is so hard because I feel like if you don't come with at least some of the good habits already, this challenge either forces you to make them all at the same time and people (ME) feel bad and feel like quitting. Not that long ago I was doing it all pretty well though and I can do it again. :)

Good night,

Hey everybody,

I finally did it - shared a very small piece of the gospel with a couple of friends. One friend, Carolina asked me one day "what makes your church different than mine?" What an opportunity. I didn't have a chance to really answer her question and I've been freaking out because I was a bad missionary. Shortly after her question, I re-read President Hinckley's talk Stone Cut out of the Mountain from Oct 2007 General Conference. I decided right then and there that I would somehow get her that talk. So, I printed it off and placed a copy in her Christmas card. When I gave it to her, I simply said, I printed off this talk given by the Prophet in October and I think you will enjoy it. Inside the card I wrote I have read the Book of Mormon and taken Moroni's challenge to pray about it's truthfulness - and it's true. Love, Sharon. I was shaking like a leaf when I gave it to her. She simply said, Oh, thank you. I'd love to read it! What a relief!

Another one of my friends, Shannon, spent hours telling me she is looking for a new church and that she agrees with the church's emphasis on the family. Her husband used to be in the ministry and they both graduated from a Friend's college down in Ohio. For Shannon and her huband (who have a pretty dang awesome marriage!) and their dear children who love me, btw. lol...anyway, I sent her a link to the www.mormon.org website and the "I can be married for forever?" video clip. It was a simple gesture with the message, you had mentioned you appreciate the emphasis we have on family. I thought you might enjoy this short video clip. Hugs, Sharon.

I pray that repeated exposure and opportunities to answer questions will help my friends and their husband's make eternally good choices.

Couldn't sleep tonight - heartburn and I do not have a prenancy to blame. ;)


19 December 2007

Flight of the Bumble Bee

Well, Clash of the Choirs and Nick's team just rocked that song! It was amazing. I totally think people should VOTE for them. I am not a huge fan of voting, however, tonight, they were so right on!

I also just left tithing settlement. It's fun to visit with my very funny bishop.


Tithing Pays Off

And what a great time of year to have this happen!

With my leaky roof repair, my $145 reckless driving ticket, a few late payments on my credit cards (Scout's honor, a mistake and accidentally!), I didn't think I'd have enough to do my thing this Christmas season.

But as I chatted with my VT comp, who is a new comvert who struggles to pay her tithing, I opened my mail and viola, a check for $50 and a $15 credit to my auto insurance! Who would've thought that that was all in one day. Then I got a gift certificate to a grocery store for $25. That is plenty to keep me going for 1 more week. Yvonne simply said "I'm grateful to be sharing in this moment. I guess tithing really does work!" It's true. I can't tell you how or why, I just know that it does.

Tis the season to be continually grateful for my many, many, unnumbered blessings. It's amazing.

I'll get some pics up soon. As soon as I can.