09 July 2010

Even more updates...

It's been asked that I provide more info on the "motherhood" thing. Sarah [her name has been changed to protect the innocent, remember, she isn't mine!] is a 15 year old whose father passed away when she was 9 and her mom is bipolar and simply put - could not care for her daughter. She is an only child with a half brother and sister who she doesn't really have contact with.

She has been in 4 homes in a year and two months of that was with her grandparents in a residental senior center. She hardly qualifies and they were looking for a home for her. They heard through the infamous LDS grapevine that I was thinking about adoption and contacted me. Obviously she is not brothers ages 8-12 but she needs stability and a mentor. She doesn't need a mom - she has one of those. What she needs is someone to explain to her what social norms are and how to be treated like a tea cup instead of a styrofoam cup that you crinkle up and through away or nibble on before you toss into the can. She talks to her mom a lot - I'm going to limit way more once school starts and she needs social interaction. Living out here and going to school in MAC doesn't help. Not that she has that many friends anyway.

Our dog is adorable.

And finally smells good too. I still need to get an electric toothbrush and some chicken toothpaste (I hear) to make him smell even BETTER.

Day camp starts tomorrow. I want to quickly write about how I felt when Sarah Palin was selected and nominated as the Vice President of the United States on the Republican ticket.

I knew the annoucement was coming and I was up early watching the news. I was watching some morning show (maybe even FOX news but I cannot confirm or deny that as I am not sure I had cable at the time). I cried. I was sooooo happy that a woman, strong and a Governor, could be Pro-life, pro choice in that she believed in life, strong and educated. Strong mother, strong and grass roots...she, to me, represented me way more than the two female senators from WA ever had, would or could. I didn't believe in aboration, gay rights or more regulation. I don't need the government to tell me how or when to cut down a tree, put up a fence or retaining wall or how much I "owe" them. I think my return on investment would be better if I kept my money. I feel this strongly about local and state government as well. I also don't think it's fair to borrow without the ability to pay it back.

ANyway, I have NO idea why I felt the need to say hwo I felt when I first realized that other American women were conservative. Because I have felt like a freak for a LONG time. I consider myself thoughtful, smart and flexible. Why then shouldn't I feel normal?

Have a good night!