15 June 2009

Post Posting Famine

I have done the following...

Said goodbye to my darling table...it's in a good place now with a good and growing family. I almost cried as she loaded it up into her truck though. :(

Successfully grew at least 10 strawberry plants and ate my very first berry this AM. It was SOOOO sweet. Growing anything for me is a task and a great accomplishment.

Successfully recruited and trained an entire new district board (committee). Wow, what an accomplishment.

Moved in a new roommate and I've met her entire family. There are several good things about having a roommate and one of them is tidiness responsibility. If I'm dirty, she tells me about it. lol

I hung out with Lisa and Matt and Krista on Saturday for brunch before we went to IKEA!!! for several long hours. I've been working out with Sherri and enjoy that tons and tons. It's such a stress reliever for me.

Anyway...I'll try to be better.

One note of pride: I think I have like 8 volunteers going to Woodbadge this year!! That is HUGE and it should yeild tons for our district leadership.

Hugs to the peeps...