02 January 2013

Hello Anyone who reads this blog People:

It's only been 6 months, hehe...so much has changed!

I'm going to do this and then send them out as New Year's Cards (because I'm so late with christmas cards, and maybe I'll even make them Birthday cards - that I can push off till March).

Sharon's 2012 A-Z

A - A new job.  Started August 1st and couldn't be more grateful
B- Became a foster parent through DHS and got my first kid mid-August
C- California.  Took mom and dad on a Thanksgiving weekend San Fransisco road trip and had a blast!
D- Dedicated friends and family helped me build shelves in my garage (thanks Bakers! and Mom & Dad)
E- Extended family.  Love and appreciate them.
F- Family History - I dove right in and love it.
G- Glen, my new boss is the BEST.
H-House Paint - well, paid to have my house painted. Thanks Whitakers!
I- Inspiring new curriculum for Sunday School  Grateful for the opportunity
J-Saw John Williams with Mark Smith and it has started a flurry of "cultural" activities
K-Kids - its been a great learning curve to learn how to deal with girls 12-18 in the system
L - Loved celebrating my 37th birthday with a pj party.  So many of my friends in the same place.
M- Messiah as a Christmas gift and went with Mark S.  So wonderful.
N- New niece and two new nephews and the announcement of 1 more nephew.
O- Opportunities to learn, grow and become better.  Buh bye 2012 - Hello 2013!
P-Pentatonix - saw them in Concert with Shannon
Q- Quit delivering Pizzas at Abby's Legendary's Pizza which is a whole blog post on its own
R-Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. My new company
S-Still teaching Sunday School - I feel like I've been teaching them for like 3-4 years now.
T- Time our for Women - I got to go with
U- Uninvited wedding guest (family rep, lol) - to my cousin's wedding in HAWAII.  Totally worth it.
V-Visited Karen and Andrew in Phoenix and doing it again in January!
W- Welcomed 4 foster kids this year and maybe I'll be able to create stability for just one in 2013
X-Excitement for the new year.
Y-YOOP!  is a memory.  I loved working for and on behalf of the neediest youth in our county.
Z- Zero debt paid off since I quit Abby's.  Just shows that you accomplish what you focus on.