16 January 2011

Mission Journal, Vol 3, Dec 10, 1996-Mar 30, 1997

10 December 1996

I'm not supposed to write in here yet but I love it, and only have 3 more pages in the other volume. Na ja. We taught Family Schurig and Frau Gessinger today.

12 December 1996

Endlich, ein neues Tagebuich! Ich freue mich so sehr! Finally, a new journal. I'm so happy. [End Translation].

I just wanted to say that I hope that I can be positive and excited about missionary work and just do it! I have a new motto- it's called: "The best way to get anythning done, is to do it. (You can substitute learn, love, study, help etc.) Also, the verb! [I don't understand what I meant here but I'm sure it'll come back to me? lol]

I'm excited to be serving in Zwichau with Sister Chadwick. I can't believe I've only got 3 more weeks with her. Christmas iks almost here and I've got nothing but a card from Aunt and Uncle Mark Parker and $10 from Jim. I did hear from Jim, Carrie Gunnn, Rachel Carey-Fuson and Aunt Lizzetta and Uncle Mark twice and Kim Tarbutton. It was really nice to get post [mail]. I lvoe this new journal and hope it doesn't take me longer than 6 months to get through it!

We had Austausch with Sister Sedletzek. We met her at the Hospital and visited Sister Mitlander. We had a great talk about WWII. They were young girls as it happened. They could feel the pressure before the Wall went up. They decided to stay.

They bore their testimonies! I love them to death. Sln

You've got to see these: a Sister Roseann Chadwick was my companion at the time. I had never laughed so hard or often, been so joyous or been so humbled by anyone in my life. She was just letting me know, with Aufrichtem Herzen, a heart in the right place, her feelings on the matter. This was my life with her and for too short of a time. I loved her right back!

02 January 2011

The Priesthood

As I sat in the back row of a ward I was in for over a year, 6 years ago, I heard my nephew being blessed by a friend of my brother's family.

While it was tragic and sad that his father, my brother wasn't performing the blessing, it was also hopeful and happy. I listened intently as a really good friend of my bother blessed him instead. He blessed Kona with the strength to be an example to his family, to be worthy to hold the Priesthood and then to serve a mission and marry in the temple.

During the blessing I was holding his older brother and I whisphered (shhhh, no juding that I waS talking during the prayer!) that I had those same hopes and prayers for him, Aukai. I told him that his baby brother was getting a blessing from Heavenly Father and that I knew what a great example he would be, how he would grow strong in the gospel and hold the Priesthood and serve a mission for the Lord and then marry a bride in the temple.

After the blessing came the sacrament. Aukai wanted to color and I told him that when the Deacons sat down and were finished helping the Savior with his work, he could. I then decided that wasn't enough - I should explain that when the Savior was about to die, he fed his apostles the Sacrament and now, we take the Sacrament on Sunday's to remember Jesus and we do this with the help of the those who hold the Priesthood. I then talked to him about how in just a few years he would be able to help the Savior too by receiving the Priesthood and passing His sacrament. He said he wanted to help the Savior and that during the Sacrament we could think about Jesus and Heavenly Father. I was so thrilled to be able to share that moment with him. I think he "got" it. I know I did. I don't think it's ever too early to talk about the mantel of the Priesthood that men will bear and how important it is for them to use it wisely for His purposes because we NEED them!!! To make and keep our covenants.

Love the little men in your lives and train them up to be great daddies and husbands. Every woman needs a GREAT man. (And vise versa!)