24 April 2008

Quick $$$

I am watching the news and see a quick way to make money. You see, if you are smart, you'd do this too.


1. Find a foreclosed home
2. clean it up, give a spring clean
3. Change the locks
4. Turn on the electricity

There you have it...collect rent on a foreclosed on home that is owned a bank. Dang, why I didn't I think of that!? I really need to be more creative in my 2nd income options. haha...

Anywho...Pack meeting tonight. I need to download some pictures from the snowy camporee last weekend and get them uploaded.

Have a great day!

21 April 2008

Me, in Jan 2007

This was such a fun day. It snowed at the Coast and someone snapped a picture of me and just sent it to me - TODAY. Yep, 15 mos later. Oh well, I thought it was cute, or at least decent. So I thought I'd post it up here.

Here we go again with the hectic week - and feeling overwhelmed. One step at a time, one little bite. I know I can do this but right at this moment, I am not believing it. I can only handle so much stress before I shut down and I'm almost there. I hope I get some blessings from doing one of my callings tonight!! My blood pressure was out of control today - then later it was back to normal but...geesh!


18 April 2008

What a dang busy week!

Hola Peeps,

Sorry to keep you waiting with baited breath for the latest and greatest on my life.

Quick recap of my super busy week:

Monday - work. Met with a CR and had to give him the bad news about how bad his troop is currently behaving. Like children I say. Then went off to FHE in Dayton. It was a potluck and there were only 6 of us and I'd say there was enough food for 20! I thought I would be home by 8:15 and at 9:45 I was just rolling up. I was a little grumpy because I knew how busy this week was going to be but for sure it was the best day of my week.

Tuesday - SA Mtg in Salem, Dundee Elem. school for stickers. I got stopped at the gate by the secretary but somehow at least some of them got out. The join night was the most amazing one I've ever had. Not so much because of # of kids/families, but because the church, the sponsoring org is SOOO behind the effort. The pastor came and talked about why he hopes that families will choose scouting and what effect it's had in the lives of his two sons. And then he introduced his charter rep who took the bull by the horns and really encouraged the parents, etc. It's been just amazing. Two quick stories - two little Kindergardners saw each other and they ran up to each other and hugged and were like, I'm so excited you're going to do cub scouts with me. It was so precious...if only I'd had a camera.

Then, it was song time - and any Cub Scouters knows that we stand when we sing and we are really boisterous and funny. A sort of shy dad, although large in stature, didn't want to stand. He had two boys and those boys each grabbed an arm and just dug their heels in until dad succumbed. It was sooo sweet!

For 3 years, I've tried to get a pack there in Dundee. I believe the only reason it has legs is the partnership we have with the church.

Wed. WOrk and then traffic school. I wouldn't be so grumpy about this except I just spent 400 minutes with an online traffic school for another ticket. Thank goodness the lame trainer guy only took 3 instead of 4 hours. Still, 6-9:30 wasted...

Thursday - left at 8:00 AM for TIllamook and spent the entire day there. Met with camp peeps and then hit the storage unit. Ok, for who knows how many years, somehow the district got this storage unit. Wow, poor Billy came with his truck and is going to burn most of it but holy cow, there was a ton of JUNK in there. It's like we have stuff that we shouldn't have and stuff we don't need but in a relatively short amount of time we hauled a ton of stuff away and will do so even more now. Also, we'll try and get some shelves built to make catalouging the stuff and storing it easier. I don't know why no one has thought to do that much sooner but...hey.

Roundtable last night went well and I am anxious for Camporee this weekend with them. It will be really fun! The only distraction will be the SNOW. I'm not a hard core camper, I'll do it when I have to but SNOW in mid-April? Snow level is around 500 ft and we'll be at like 1200.

Ok, gotta run.


13 April 2008

Stake Conference

I loved Stake Conference today. I sat next to an older gentleman from my ward (the same one who came to dinner when I hosted the missionaries) and we both cried the entire time the Primary sang a medly--which lasted about 25 minutes. They had a cellist, two violins, 3 soloists and they signed two songs. We had a verse of I am a Child of God in Spanish by that branches 11 kids! There were about 125 kids, all Sr. Primary. This was only 4 wards from my stake. And my ward, well, they contributed the skyrocketing number of 4. :) I love my small ward family where each of us does all we can to help the ward move forward. Everyone has tons and tons of callings, cause that's what they need.

Today we had a CS Committee meeting and it was so fun. We spent at least 1/2 of the time laughing and playing with the theme - Abracadabra - magic kits for the kids and planning the AOL ceremony for our Weebs. We are going to video tape messages from the parents to their sons and play them as they reach the troop across the bridge. We're going to give them a cd and an arrow at the end of the night.

Ok, I gotta run, a singles fireside tonight which to be perfectly honest - I would not go except last night I agreed to go and so now I must, because they are waiting for me. Ah....boo.



08 April 2008

Written off School Loans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!!! I'm so stoked right now - I could just scream - in fact, maybe I will since no will hear me! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~

I just tried and tried and tried unsuccessfully to log into my school loan website to get the final balance so I could pay those puppies off - granted, it's been 8 years - but it's been full of good times and bad and anyway, I could finally pay them off and I kept telling me over and over again that I didn't have an account. So, I called and the guy was like, it looks like you have a zero balance. I said, I know, I made a large payment earlier this month, blah blah and he said, wait a minute, came back and said, no, you have a zero balance. Due to the smallness of the loan (um, $400) they decided to simply write it off. I AM THRILLED and MIGHT just take a trip to California to a mid-singles conference with the money. My friend found tickets for dirt cheap and he says he knows a place where I can stay for free. How fun would that be?

How could I ever doubt that the Lord loves me? WOW~

There is sooo much to write about - Conference, spectacular. I kept wondering how it was for my buddy Matt who got to go to the Priesthood session and another one with his mancation friends.

I loved so much of it but probably my favorite part was Elder Bednard's talk about "The missionaries are full-time teachers and we are full time finders." Oh yeah, the missionaries and some singles from my ward came over for dinner last night and we talked about that. It was nice to have folks over - I'm kind of a recluse and I like it alot.

I had my first quarter review today and it went pretty well. Only a few areas that need dire attention. Things are really going pretty well. But, I just got a phone call from my district training chair and his family is being moved to the Forst Grove 1st Ward and that moves him out of his ward, out of our stake and out of my district. I wanted to cry!!! He's the best - ever. Seriously, he's a SM and he grew his troop from 5 to 36! Most of these boys are not LDS. Everyone dreams of being in his troop because it's that good.
Well, I'd better get some food in my tummy before I choose to eat all the wrong kinds of food.
One last thing - I woke up with a cold today after avoiding illness ALL winter long. Now that it's spring, and it's so cold, my body is rebelling and wants spring/summer to arrive. Just ask my toes that want to wear sandals!
Hugs to all,