25 April 2010

Lois Wilson and the Hallmark Movie

Hey y'll,

I just want to say thank you to Lois Wilson and Bill W for their love for each other. Millions of lives have been changed due to AA and Al Anon and all the other programs that are an outgrowth of addictions.

Even the LDS Recover Addiction Program are adapted steps from the AA and Alanon Programs. I love that program.

For all those who have ever struggled with addiction or have lived with someone with an addiction, apply the steps in the program and you will finally have peace.

And soon, pictures of the kitchen. Although today I hit another glitch. After I installed the hardware and went to hang the cupboard doors, I realized that shimming them made the cupboard doors NOT fit correctly. I misdrilled one, maybe two doors so I'll be swapping them out and hopefully I'll be able to hang them all soon. Ughhh................

Have a great night.