26 June 2010

It's been awhile

And there is so much to be said.

I am now the proud owner of a dog as of 5:00 pm today and I've been the "mother" of a teenager since 3:00 pm 1 week ago.

The entire week was spent at camp and my ankles are both swollen and I look like a blob (one ankle has a pass as it's still broken and I stepped in a hole getting in my car to come home tonight - thank goodness for strong walking casts!). I'm so tired that I can't sleep and I am so excited about life it's dumb.

I am forever grateful and humbled by caring folks who give so much of their time to the BSA. They are quality folks who make working for such an amazing organization even a happier place to be employed. Thanks to Holly, Sandy, Melinda, Dave, Brad, Celeste, Donovan, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Debby and all the rest for helping ensure day camp was a success. Every year is another miracle.

My heart totally goes out to Holly who lost her grandma on Thursday and her family didn't even tell her until Friday so as to lessen the stress on her because of camp and so she didn't tell her boys until today which actually stressed her out. Also, she's feeling a little guilt because she wasn't there when she passed. She got a blessing and hopefully felt the love of her Savior and her Heavenly Father. She isn't a member - yet. We were asked to pray for an opportunity to share the gospel last Sunday and I thought of her multiple time this week. Their little family would make such great members and the ward could use them. He needs all of us but still...

I got to explain that in the church we have a thing called Priesthood blessings and that two men could give her a blessing of comfort if she felt so inclined and she readily agreed. Brother Christensen and O'Brien came in (thank goodness for worthy Priesthood holders!) and explained a little more and gave her the sweetest blessing. I felt the Spirit and I hope she did as well.

She made it through the night - which was a very stressful one cleaning up camp and getting out the way of Adv. Cove moving in.

Ah, the blessings of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints never end. I am so grateful that I know who I am and where I came from and where I am going when I die. I'm grateful for eternal families and for ordinances that seal us to one another.

I love the Savior and I think the saving grace in becoming a foster parent has been listening to the BOM together for at least 30 min a day on our way to or from camp. Lots of time there isn't reception on the radio and so we just switch to BOM on CD. It has spurred lots of good discussion and I feel good about us getting into the habit.

Hugs and love to you all...