27 April 2012

Vacationitis overload

Whew...got through today.

1.  Hosted greeters and it was fabulous

2.  Found a couple of dudes to teach Fin Lit!!!

3.  Made $45 in tips tonight

4. Ate a salad  for dinner

5. Watched some cool TED videos today

Concern: even though I was full after my salad, I ate my whole mini pizza.  Didn't  stop when I was full.

26 April 2012

Vacay Prep...

The preparations are one by one being check off and its turning into 111% vacation-itis!  Everything I do or say or touch becomes sometime ABOUT my impending vacation.  I cannot wait!  I made Abe and Keahi's pic my desktop photo.

The best things about today:

1.  I made decent (great!) tips tonight and was able to tip out the cook and counter girl left standing when I got off.  The bar tender and the manager already had made good money.

2.  I got my first pedicure in like 6 mos.  Needless to say, my feet were disgusting but she did an amazing job and even when I tipped her, it was still pretty cheap considering the grossness of my feeties.

3.  Chance's new mom txt me to say that he is doing well and is "tolerating her" but he really likes Rich, her hubby.  I told her to gain some weight so he thinks he's sitting next to cuddling with me and she'll be fine ;)

4.  I cleaned my desk off. If you have ever known me in a working place - no wait, that would be a lie - if you have ever known me EVER in any capacity, you'd know that I have a difficult time with clutter.  I'm messy, what can I say?  We are hosting a chamber networking event tomorrow and I managed to clean off my desk.  WHOO WHOO.

5.  My bestie Jody M. Hall, met me at the nail salon and although she could only stay until 12:30, we were able to visit for 30 minutes!  What a babe.  Her toes were cute too, but not as cute as mine! hehehehe...

Negative/Issues:  Although I prayed for menstruation to occur before my trip to Hawaii, I didn't say I wanted the cramps too.  But, I will not be dealing with old Aunt Flo on vacation.  Give me another woot woot. :)



25 April 2012

Zumba WED

Good day!

1.  I finally paid the reservation deposit for the VW vanagon in HI.

2.  I had a blast at Zumba tonight.

3. Did I mention I ate alligator yesterday!?!  I loved it.  TY Sharon, Ron and Nate.  And then today for the most amazing caramel popcorn ever - Nate - thank you for straight teeth so your mom would make it and be willing to share it with me.

4.  Shannon and Mandy gave me the Roca for my family across the Pond and bedding for foster kiddos!  Bed to arrive this weekend.

5.  Matt D. told me that his brother and sis in law are going to be baptized! I cried with joy.  Oh, the blessings of the gospel moving throughout the families of the faithful.  :)

6.  I was getting grumpy about having to prepare my lesson for this Sunday when i realized I could do it on my phone!!!  Anywhere anytime!!!  I am so grateful for the righteous application of technology.

A concern:  My mouth still hurts.

23 April 2012

April 22-24

Hello Blogger Following, lol..of 1. 

I have been thinking about the importance of journaling and so here is my pledge: to write at least 5 happy thoughts from each day and if necessary to get it off my chest, one struggle.

Today it was GORGEOUS!  I mowed the lawn and basically had a good day. I went to a homeless Love In Action meeting today and learned about tons of resources for our kiddos.

Let's see...a quick recap of the weekend (or you could just look at FB).  I have been working at Abby's since July 2011.  I'm tired of working there and just pure tired, but what good does that to?  I closed on Thursday, short shift on Friday then on Sat I went to Foundations training for Foster Care Certification and then to Abby's for 7 hours.  Abby seems to be taking over my life. Ugh...anyway.

Sunday church where I was called to be the youth Sunday School teacher - again.  :)  I am excited, there were 5 kids in there when I stuck my head in at the end of the hour.  I felt the need to save them from Brother Noreen, lol!

I skipped out of church just a little bit ealry (posterity, hopefully you still respect me), to go to Newberg and pick up Mark, Kerri's husband (Kerri and I work together) and then we drove to the Couv to pick up Mark's mom to then drive back down to PDX Hollywood Theater to watch Amadeus. It was spectacular!  And Edmond Stone, host of The Score on All Classical 89.9 was dressed up as Amadeus.  It was amazing to watch that movie on the big screen.  We had watched it as kids not knowing anything about it being moninated for 11 Grammy's and both lead actors bein nominated for Best Actor. I mean, geesh, how does that happen?  

Mark was a trooper and ran all over downtown PDX for us.  Trader Joe's for goodies and then after the movie, we headed to VooDoo Donuts.  Just for the record: Really long line for a normal tasting donut in the WORST part of PDX.  Meth users every where.  
This is how the convo went: 
"Is it always this busy?"
"Yes, except for between 3-5 AM."
"You are open 24 hrs?"
Head nod...
Is this a safe thing? 
"No.  There are stabbings almost every night and drug dealers on the corner and users will come in and steal the tip jars and it's just not safe"

And I'm like: And you still work here?  GET OUT before you get stabbed!  Those doughnuts are not THAT tasty.  We decided if it had been dark, we probably wouldn't have stopped by.

Then we dropped off Mark's mom who lives just up by Legacy Salmon Creek and then went to my families place.  I finally was able to drop off clothes for Alex that I've easily had for like 3 months.  Oh that's right, he's 3 months old now, Hope they FIT!

Got Abraham's (cousin who is getting married in like 9 days!) wedding announcement.  I also say dad's cool books...he has 3 that he's wanting to sell.  They are rare and very old.  So...I'm going to help him.

Then I came home.  It was overall, a GREAT weekend and Monday.  Just one week and I'll be in HI! :)

Bring it on...