15 June 2008

How the weeds killed the baby plants!

See the weed above surrounded by many more weeds? I have patches of grass that are gone because now cause they were so dense!

The weather was agreeable yesterday and so I attempted yard work. At this point you should know that I have tried weed and feed, directly applying weed killer liquids and various other stuffs to handle the weeds in my yard. Nothing worked.

I should have taken a before and after picture excep that I spent 4 hours digging up dandilions and other knoxious weeds and you couldn't really see them (but I knew they were there) by hand! My hands are very sore today. I also planted two tiny little plants - you wouldn't be able to see them either if I took a picture. It's soooo funny looking. It looks like a dirt pile and nothing else. I'll probably do a raised flower bed for some color but I need time to buy and arrange the blocks. I managed to make it to Lowe's last night around 9:45 PM and bought some additional flowers and plants but of course, didn't plant them in the dark. Also, my front porch light is falling down broken and I believe it's a hazard so I disconnected it and now can't even work with a little bit of light in the dark.

I do believe I am going to plant those plants tomorrow. I didn't get around to the backyard yet but I did pay a boy scout (my friend's son) to come and weed wack the entire thing. It needs a mowing and to dig the dandilions out back there, too. One little baby step at a time.

On another note, I should know by now that everything works out the way it should with or without me but I am especially grateful today for volunteers from one district going all the way over to Tillamook to help them have a fun day camp experience. There is tons and tons of work to do still but they are my main priority until then.

Except for...drum roll please...

Tonight - go home for father's day and conveient commute to the golf tourney tomorrow Vancouver
Monday - Golf tourney - way past Canby, OR and then home to finish up yard work
Tuesday AM - Salem, Service area meeting, Leadership Newberg Graduation, Council Fall Membership Kickoff in Tigard
Thursday - Tillamook Pre camp leaders meeting, meet at 1 PM at the storage container (remember, I need an agenda and items to give to the leaders at this meeting and 1.5 hrs to drive there). Then Roundtable.
Friday - arrive at camp to recieve camp supplies from council quartermaster at 1 pm, again, travel time. Finish preparing for day camp. I mean, that's it...then it arrives.
Next week I have day camp. I still need 32 kids to show growth in my district for the year and I'm afraid we're not going to make it. This is terribly disheartening. I just got to go and get 'er done, that's all.
I can't wait until it's all over! YIKES!!!! Please, pray for me. Trying to stay positive and happy.
Check yall later,

10 June 2008

To Kill a Bird?!


Hello All,

I had the oddest experience today - I wish I had a photo, besides the one engrained in my head!

As I was driving along at 60 mph, a pair of birds were flittering around as birds choose to do in the Spring. It was very random but one of the pretty birds was either just too dumb or too slow to get out of the way and ~BLAM~ the bird flew directly into the grill of my car! I couldn't believe it. Birds just don't do that. They are usually quick enough to get out of the way or something. The bird went under the car and I looked out the rear view window with just enough time to see it land on the ground. It didn't get up either. I felt odd - both bad and mad for it making me hurt it. Why on earth wouldn't it have gotten out of the way. I have been watching birds all day now and it's driving me crazy. I refuse to cause a human fatality due to a bird or breaking for a bird but geesh. Birds used to fly smack dab into our window as a kid. It was huge - probably 5'x4'.

Went to a Wine on Tuesday - now don't go freakin' out people. It's a chamber greeters of sorts. I took Jody Hall and we met up with Nikki Bowes. We got lost and were late so we hung out for a few then went to eat chinese. Then we went to a pack planning meeting for the new Pack in Dundee. They are rockers and rollers. They are soooo on top of things. I just love working with successful people.

Now I'm home. I have to award a bonus coin today still for my LO Healthy Hotties team. It's sort of fun to find hotties who are doing good things. it's inspiring and for me, I could use some of that. hahah...anyway, it's time to update my resume. Gotta run.

Hugs to all my lovlies,