05 November 2009

Just a quick update

I'm busy at work. We had an Eagle Scout reception last night and it was VERY nice. The turn out wasn't as high as we'd have liked however, those that came, came with enthusiasm and gusto and had a chance to share their story and how Scouting had impacted them.

The food was nice, the facility even nicer and the company great. What more can a girl ask for?

I booked my Thanksgiving week trip to HI yesterday as well. I texted my aunty to tell her and to say hi to my parents who are there now, visiting for my grandma's birthday. Of course everyone thinks I should've been there for that and I would have loved it but I just didn't have those days off for vacation and I do Turkey day so for the first time since my mission - and my first year of marriages past - not be home for Thanksgiving. It is my all time favorite holiday - good eats, good fun, great company and no gifts. Just gratitude.

We had stake conference last Sunday and I was called on to bear testimony. That was such a shock to me that the Stake President announced that he would let me collect my thoughts and called on someone else. This someone else, consequetly was sitting next to the girl I was sitting with. Julie leans over and goes, gosh, it's good thing he didn't know MY name, lol.

I sure do love my stake, ward, the area. you know, every time I try and escape from this place, something happens and I can't. I know it's where I'm supposed to be otherwise I would find a way out. That's how it works for me.

I switched Rotary clubs and already feel more at home and at ease than I have in a long while. I'm having lunch with one of the gals - she's only 30 and she's assistant admissions director for Linfield College here in town. I'm gonig to talk to her about volunteering or such and getting my foot in the door so I can begin applying for those types of postitions.

I have a new friend - her name is Julie and she is amazing. She and her brother and father live up on "the hill" - makes me laugh when they call it that but that is exactly where it is outside of Amity. Their view faces south, southwest and it's amazing!!!! The owners have a Christmas tree farm and we hiked through it last week. The Slacks have a beautiful puppy - so sweet and adorable. I hear they aren't always like that but theirs is. Julie is so awesome because we went to Conference together and then hung out at her place and when I forgot my $$ because she drove, she drove me back to my place and then back into town! Then we got pizza and went home and ate and then just laughed and talked and joked until we fell asleep. Then we went to conference the next AM. It was nice to have someone to go with. She made this amazing breakfast casserole and then dinner in a pumpkin. Both were delicious. I love being away from home but still close. I LOVE having a friend nearby - honestly, who would've thought it possible. I mean, how many single, 34 year old LDS women can there by in Amity? well, now there are two!

I've been walking with Kirsten twice a week and going to water aerobics 2 times a week and have lost 8 #'s so far this month. I think the formula is working. Lose 4.2 more and my feet will finally get some TLC - it's a reward and although I walked by the salon, I didn't go in!! Ugh, they need it and I need to get rid of my fat.

Alright, I should get ready for our meeting tonight. I've been preping for our 45 minute interview with Matt Devore, our new Scout Executive. I think it's exciting to talk to him for so long. If only Don wasn't there. I hear our FDs won't be in on them so that should be interesting. I'm feeling frisky and like I shold tell Don off in front of Matt but I do like employment so who knows.

Till later gator!