23 October 2009

Feel trapped in bondage? I read Alma 34:1-5 this AM and Alma is talking to his son Helaman and he explains that just like in the generations before, Jesus Christ delivered the Israelites and the promises are for us too and He continues to deliver us today. Alma also says he knows this "not of any worthiness of himself". Don't let Satan discourage you with his "you're not worthy line"!! Don't believe him when he says, oh, you've already messed up, what good can being obedient do now? You're already on the wrong path, so who cares? The Savior does and He loves you. That's right, He loves you - and me - and all of His children. His love is constant and steady, not like our obedience. Have faith and repent, with His help.

I wanted to put this on FB because I love my family but it was too long. So I guess I'll just put it up here. [Especially since I haven't blogged in eons, but I will tell you all about Dave Ramsey tomorrow!]