20 May 2012

I've been Naughty, but it's been NICE!

Ah, ok.  So, I haven't blogged once since being in Hawaii.  So the best way to remedy this is to do a VERY brief synopsis of each day.

Tuesday:  Fly in, no problems, not first class but oh well. I've never flown first class anyhow.  I arrive and let my cousin Jacob and Auntie Emily know and then believe I'm heading on the bus to pick up my Westfalia Van. Jacob says, oh, you don't have any luggage. I'm like, yes, I do and he says, you can't ride TheBus then because they don't allow luggage.  WHAT??????  So then I'm like freaking out.  My whole plan is up in smoke.  Ends up Uncle Larry comes and gets me and drives me to Kailua to pick up the van.  The van is way less attractive then I thought but hey, it's ok.  Worst thing is - the van's gas tank is EMPTY.  Like, lower than E.  Seriously?  Who runs a car/van rental business and doesn't put gas?

I make it to Hauula with great directions from the gas attendant.  As soon as I arrive, Uncle Larry calls and says he's been waiting for me to pass to show me how to get here.  I'm like, maybe you should've waited somewhere on the road I was driving on.  Somehow I got on the old road, lol.

Keahi and Abraham come and I get to meet her!  She's just as fab as my cousin, Abraham.  We go to bed late, very, very late.

I go to the back house and offer to take grandma to the Sr Center. I move the van from it's parking spot to the driveway and go inside.  By the time I come out, the van won't start.  Seriously?  What the heck.  So we roll it just a bit and Aunty Emily ends up doing all of the errands because I'm waiting for Uncle Larry.  Btw, I was blocking her in!  Annoying.

I head to town with Uncle Larry and Aunt Peggy and we pick up Naomi before heading to the swap meet.  Rule #1:  Don't go spending all your money at swap meet the first day on the Island.

Rule #2: Always go to swap meet!

We get home and its been a wonderfully fun day and I try and start the van and it won't start.  I call and they (Oahucampingvans.net people) say they will come out in the morning.

I didn't realize that meant noon!!!!! I was so angry and upset that I just wanted to switch vans and not even talk to him but I managed to say I get a day and a half credit as well as $60 in gas!

I'll start uploading pictures soon.  Gonna post this or I never will. I began typing this way back when I was still in HI!  Good intentions, huh...didn't work this time.  Try again latah.

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