16 January 2011

Mission Journal, Vol 3, Dec 10, 1996-Mar 30, 1997

10 December 1996

I'm not supposed to write in here yet but I love it, and only have 3 more pages in the other volume. Na ja. We taught Family Schurig and Frau Gessinger today.

12 December 1996

Endlich, ein neues Tagebuich! Ich freue mich so sehr! Finally, a new journal. I'm so happy. [End Translation].

I just wanted to say that I hope that I can be positive and excited about missionary work and just do it! I have a new motto- it's called: "The best way to get anythning done, is to do it. (You can substitute learn, love, study, help etc.) Also, the verb! [I don't understand what I meant here but I'm sure it'll come back to me? lol]

I'm excited to be serving in Zwichau with Sister Chadwick. I can't believe I've only got 3 more weeks with her. Christmas iks almost here and I've got nothing but a card from Aunt and Uncle Mark Parker and $10 from Jim. I did hear from Jim, Carrie Gunnn, Rachel Carey-Fuson and Aunt Lizzetta and Uncle Mark twice and Kim Tarbutton. It was really nice to get post [mail]. I lvoe this new journal and hope it doesn't take me longer than 6 months to get through it!

We had Austausch with Sister Sedletzek. We met her at the Hospital and visited Sister Mitlander. We had a great talk about WWII. They were young girls as it happened. They could feel the pressure before the Wall went up. They decided to stay.

They bore their testimonies! I love them to death. Sln

You've got to see these: a Sister Roseann Chadwick was my companion at the time. I had never laughed so hard or often, been so joyous or been so humbled by anyone in my life. She was just letting me know, with Aufrichtem Herzen, a heart in the right place, her feelings on the matter. This was my life with her and for too short of a time. I loved her right back!

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