06 July 2009

A bad day...

started out with me waking up tired. I know how trivial that sounds but still. And then I realized I need to take a quick shower and nope, instead when I turned the shower on water squirted me directly in the face. I turned the water off and reached up and the hose fell off in my hand. I was sooooo peeved!!! No shower for me today.

Then, Kirsten tried to blame me and said it was fine last night and i said, oh really? So when I turned the water on this AM it squirted me? Anyway...

I am really going to try and not be passive agressive. People want to tell me way too much. It's ok to be quiet sometimes. I came home from the 4th of July Celebrations to a quiet and peaceful home. I listened to lds radio (it repeats which was a disappointment) but I caught up on all my friends blogs and just lounged. watched episodes of Burn Notice and then she came home. She wanted to tell me that someone she knew had like 50 graduations in her direct family and to be perfectly honest, I could have given a rat's behind about it. Just ask my mom, if it doesn't have anything to do with me, I don't care. I know that seems a little tyranical and masochistic but geesh, some lady who lives on 150 acres a bazillion miles away does not affect me...unless she votes.

it's ok to be quiet sometimes.


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Candace said...

Sounds like you had a super super busy weekend! Hmmmm. Your shower head sounds a bit suspicious. :)