17 December 2008

White Christmas?

Or just another year of crazy winter weather in the NW? Sunday it snowed and it wasn't suppossed to get above freezing until next Sunday. People drove on the roads thinking it was fine and now we have packed snow and ice and crappy roads. Look, my little town of Amity isn't equipped with sanding and ice plows or even de-icer. We have one paid cop, one paid fire chief guy and an all volunteer city council. But the bigger surprise is that the roads in the surrounding towns (Salem, McMinnville) roads are WORSE than in Amity. I just don't really understand this but it's true. It is nice to have a blanket of white (and Maleen, I don't have closed toed shoes let alone snow pants?) but it's a bit cold and I'm a bit unaccustomed to it. Plus, I only heat my home with a pellet stove and I'm running low on pellets. I put off buying the two pallets because we had such a mild fall. Oh well.

Have a great day y'all.



Maleen said...

Seriously, I don't think anyone in the NW ever believes that it will really snow and last longer than a few hours. I am still in denial about the snow here. My poor dog (from CA) doesn't know what to do every time I throw her out the door. I can almost see her thinking, 'Hello, there is no grass out here to pee on!'
Anyway, good job on the treadmill. May you put many miles on it!

Karen Nihipali Wicke said...

Open toed shoes...that is something that I do too and then I wonder why my feet are freezing!

Oh snow, I miss it, just a little bit. It has been raining here for the past week and it feels really good.