11 July 2008

Riding Again...

Oh, it's been way too long since I rode my bike. I LOVE bike riding and Wed. was the way. Tuesday night I went to a group therapy session and a girl ride her bike there - that was it. All the motivation I needed to get my bike out, dust it off (a year in the garage can do that to a nice bike) and get some air in the tires (again, garage was the cuplrit).

I had found a country road route that was 5 miles one way and I think that this is a great goal for me. I rode out about 1 mile, saw the first hill and turned right!!! It was another 1 mile and I pulled over and did some gentle stretching. I rode a little bit further and came to a small hill and went to the top, but didn't want to coast down bc that means you have to come back up but I know I did about 4.5 miles.

Today I rode, went up that first big hill (it was so much easier than I thought it would be?! Why'd I freak so much on Wed?) anyway...and went down and then back. Then still took that right and down and back so I went probably 6-6.5 miles today. The only complaint I have is that when I went to get on my bike, I realized my butt was not ready for this. I know from experience if you want a nice PO [behind in German] that you need to just DO IT and it will be a rock hard PO before you know it. Ah, the thrill of screaming down that long hill was dang fun. You don't really work on the down side so next time Ill know I can go a little further.

Alright folks...I did take a picture of myself with my bike on my phone but it's disgusting so you'll have to just wait.

Later peeps!


Candace said...

You go! :)

Maleen said...

I love biking but my bike has a flat tire that we can't seem to fix. Oh, and I am a little top heavy at the moment.