31 July 2009

More remembering with posts to come

Letʻs see...since my last topics to post about - Swap Meet, Pearl Harbor, Dinner with Aunty Peggy Uncle Larryʻs family, PCC!!!, Thursday - traffic accident blocking road (Iʻm grateful because by the time we got to Sunset Beach House, waters were calmer and I wasnʻt AS afraid to get in!), Sunset beach house with Jennifer, Saralyn, Adrienne, all the kids, beautiful waters, sunset, etc.  Donʻt be haters, but I didnʻt bring my phone or camera because I think of sand and water as harmful to the high tech gadgets but my cousins all had ʻem right there on the beach?  So, I guess there is still much to learn.

I just booked a flight to Kuaui for the weekend to visit with my cousin Abraham.  I am sooo excited to finally see another island.  In all my trips and visits, Iʻve never been off the Oahu.

I come back on Sunday night and I WILL swim Monday- Wed, no doubt!!

Hugs to all my peeps,


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Candace said...

I hear you about sand and gadgets. I took our digital camera to Ft. Stevens 2 weeks ago and it fell in the sand. Now it won't close. :( You can always get pics from your family. Which is a good thing - you will be in them! :) Sounds like you are having a fabulous time with your family!