05 July 2009


Wow, I have just spent the last several hours catching up on folks who I wouldn't normally get to see and hear how their families are doing. I think I'm much more grateful for blogging as the new letter every day. Pictures can be included and folks, it's free!

Maleen and her baby girls and for her, let the games begin!! Hahaha..Leila and her beautiful family. Carrie Gunn and her adopted baby boy with Dave and Laura...Candace and her boys and their summer play. SOOO MUCH FUN catching up and after yesterday's BBQ, it makes me want to make all my friends have a blog. It's really a shame more don't.


Earlier at church it just sort of came up, probably when we were talking about doing your calling to the best of your ability and I thought this AM about some reasons why people don't go after that 100th sheep, they stay with the 90 and 9 and almost word for word one of the boys in my class gave the list of excuses I'd already thought of. I said, let's talk about that. Let's reason it through. If I stopped coming to church, one week, maybe two, you all might think I'm busy, that I went to visit my family or have to work. That might even go for 3 weeks. But then what? Someone comes over and I tell a little lie. I didn't really have to work, I was just tired and didn't get up. People start to judge me. I feel judged or am afraid of their verdicts.

There are so many people who know the gospel and have testimonies of the Prophet Joesph but who are not in the habit of attending church and slight alterations to schedules can shake 'em up. Then when they try to come back, thedy are afraid of US. Yes, u and me. We could rattle their cage for not being there, etc. Sure, it's not our fault and stuff but word for word the kid said "but you know better'. DOn't we all know better sometimes and still flub up? I know I do.

I love teaching and learning with my class. We sing an opening song in Sunday School. They all love to sing and so we do it. It helps bring the spirit and we're starting to get to know one another. After all, I've only been their teacher for 4 Sunday's now.



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Maleen said...

Wow Sharon, you are so busy.

I'm glad you even have a spare moment to catch up on people like me who continue to blather on.

And you are so right. I am in for the battle of my life and most days I don't know if I am winning or not. Still, it is worth it.